In 2020, we all have experienced something totally different. Instead of having our ritual of accessorizing and getting ready for the outside world, we are stuck at home. Our laptops are our new communication now. We have that small portion of the screen to express ourselves. But in the near future we will simply be back!

Whether you still work from home, with a small touch of jewelry you can instantly boost your mood and brighten your day! They are whimsical, fashionable and entertainingly beautiful. You can be bold, colorful or you even turn yourself into someone from a different era. You can tell a different story each day! 

2021 will be exciting with its new trends in jewelry. Certainly, we have all missed getting dressed up and now we are ready for it! We have gathered all the trends to inspire you. Let’s dive into the sparkling world of jewelry! 

First, we will revisit some eternal classics…

Modernist Peals

Pearls are on the rise over the past years and they meet modern and contemporary designs to create a chic fashion. You can choose among white, rose and black pearls and adorn them with stones to create a cool and glittering style!

Chains & Pendants

You can combine and mix them together to create a simply beautiful style! Yes, this season the key is “the more the merrier”! They are our oldies and goldies and certainly the ultimate storytellers! 

Hoop Earrings & Big Studs

Big and sparkling earrings will frame your face and instantly will change your mood on these dull winter days! 


Diamond jewelry trend stays forever! Whether you are traditional or trendy and even if you are in your sweatpants, just put your diamond jewelry on and change your mood and others! Also, you can combine them with rhodium plating and create a chic rock and roll!

Go Them Silver!

In the past years, yellow gold was the first choice, but silver jewelry is this year’s rising star! If you are not that into silver yet, you can combine your favorite design with white gold, platinum or palladium to capture its effect!

Bangles and Cuff Bracelets

This year, bangles and cuffs whether as a single statement or as pairs, are very much back in business! Create the one for you and dazzle all day long!

Sugary Like Designs

You can capture this trend with your pendants, with a touch of cabochons or multicolor sapphires! 

For Men…

Since ancient times, whether as protective shields or talismans, jewelry is in men’s lives too! By adding a distinctive element you can stand out from the crowd. Depending on how you feel and who you want to be whether bold or classic just mix and match them in your own way! Invest in yourself and always keep in hand a statement piece to match it with your favorite outfit!

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