There is a paradox between the spirit of cities and the people who live in them. There is no denying that cities have styles of their own. And it reflects on the people who live in them. But also, people keep that spirit and style up by always upgrading, adding, and upcycling things. Everything comes full circle when it comes to fashion and accessories. And some things always stay the same.

Paris, France

Well, it’s just a classic. Paris is one of the capitals when it comes to fashion and accessories. Their style can be described as minimalistic and feminine with the tiniest bit of contrast. And they always know how to up their fashion game with the right piece of accessories. So these pieces are the perfect option to wear in Paris to channel its spirit.

These pieces right here, COLLIER CLARKIA and EARRING STEELWORK, with sapphire center stones, add the masculine touch that the feminine style needs. It enhances rosy lips and lace neckline without standing out too much. They are the perfect complementary pieces.

The all-black sharp look is what comes to mind when it comes to French Men’s fashion. Balancing the look by adding little hearts to soften it with BRACELET JUNOON while keeping that sharp demeanor NECKLACE NEOMA is exactly the thing you could wait for them. You just can’t take your eyes off of them – and it’s okay.

New York, USA

The city that never sleeps carries its rightful name with pride by never sleeping on any fashion trends. The all-loud and the busy city holds one of the most luxurious tastes. So it’s right on our alley. 

The business is the beating heart of New York, so it’s best to dress according to it. All jokes aside, having a more masculine style is all about being in New York. Blazers and white gold are a must like RING DAFFNEY and RING GISELLE. Adding a gemstone you can incorporate into your jewelry collection is adding that contrast with a feminine touch, just the opposite of the French style.

Every New Yorker needs something luxurious. The whole vibe of the city depends on it. Even on a lunch date, you need a staple piece like RING GEMMIFEROUS to keep your material girl vibes satisfied.

Tokyo, Japan

The Asian headquarters of fashion. There is only one word to describe their fashion sense: Vibrant.

It’s all about colors and standing out and reflecting your style in the loudest way possible with colorful jewelry, colorful nails, and, essentially, colorful jewelry like RING LISSY.

Being big and bold is a must. There is no better way to stand out without overbearing your look than RING DAFFNEY. After all, you can’t go wrong with an all pink outfit with pink nails and glittering big gemstones.

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