With trends changing, the popular metal of the era also changes. Here are gold options you can choose from GLAMIRA.

Yellow Gold

The most classic one. It was recently discovered that gold originated in the far reaches of the universe, billions of years ago. And the most popular one. Its beauty transcends through time and never fades. It was Cleopatra’s favorite. Gold can also be sustainable as it can be melted and turned into something else. Yellow Gold looks best combined with diamond, sapphire, and rubies.

White Gold

White Gold is the rather new and thriving metal of the new era. It’s a fresh breath from yellow gold and adds a little bit of edge to any style. White Gold is more durable due to being alloyed. It won’t ever rust, tarnish or corrode. It also creates a more neutral background to adorn colorful gemstones. It looks best with citrine, peridot, and amethyst. White gold is favored by Natalie Portman.

Rose Gold

Rose gold recently became popular and is thriving in the jewelry game. It is more romantic and overall carries a better sentimental feeling compared to White and Yellow Gold. Compared to them, Rose Gold is the most durable type. Its blush hues complement all skin tones and make it a better gift option. It brings a more vintage and lovely vibe. It is highly preferred by Leighton Meester.

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