The jewelry world has a depth that not all of us understand unless we’re at the same length as it is. So, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the terms we use the most and give them an explanation.


Anniversary bands are almost as important as wedding bands. They represent the continuing bond, love, and committed partnership you have. And they are a reminder of your time spent together.


Birthstones are a celebration of your birth month. They are traditionally believed to inspire good fortune. It is one of the best ways to personalize your jewelry.


Body jewelry is any type of jewelry that’s not worn in what might be called the ‘traditional’ parts of a body. Like nose or tongue piercings, anklets, or body chains.


Cabochons are oval-formed stones that are cut without any facets, with a clear surface.  They tend to bring a different light to gemstones as they bring out extraordinary colors of them.


Facets are flat faces on cut gemstones. It affects the light that reflects from the gemstone, and therefore its quality of it. How the facets are shaped is one of the 4 characteristics that affect the quality of a diamond.


Inclusions are small imperfections found within a diamond. They happen when the carbon gets exposed to extreme conditions to transform into a diamond.


Lab-Created Diamonds have very little to no difference compared to natural diamonds. They are grown in a laboratory setting. They can be more sustainable and maybe more durable than natural ones.

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