In addition to cool pieces to accompany the different activities of everyday life, jewelry, pieces from the Sylvie collection, stylish rings, earrings, and necklaces were presented to the guests. The event was held in Ritz Paris. This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in France.

 A lot of influencers participated in the outstanding event, these top names fascinated everyone with their chic jewelry: Chloé Bleinc, Franziska Nazarenus, Melissa Aouragh, Renan Pacheco, Alia Chergui, and Julia Flabat. Throughout the event, all Glamira pieces of jewelry have been tried. Different combinations have been made and participants have made an overwhelming impression on social media.

Plus, more than 100 GLAMIRA jewelry were exhibited and special perfumes were presented which were produced in Grasse, Glamira. The creator of GLAMIRA’s unique creations “Tellement Elle” and “Tellement LUI”, famous Isabelle Burdel, put in an appearance and answered questions about perfumes.  

You can see the beautiful pictures of this beautiful night here. 

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