If you were born in August, then you are blessed with Peridot! What makes peridot special is its catchy olive green hues and extraterrestrial qualities. Though gems can occur in various colors, peridot has only one! Peridot’s green can vary from lime to olive based on the percentage of iron contained. Let’s find out more about this extraordinary gemstone!

Ancient Roots

Peridot takes its name from the Arabic word “faridat” which means “gem”. This gorgeous stone is one of the oldest gemstones by being almost 3520 years old! It’s believed that the Egyptians discovered Peridot, on the volcanic St. John’s Island, in the Red Sea. In ancient Egyptian times, peridot was called “the sun gem”, because of the belief that it had fallen from the sky. Nasa discovered gem-quality peridots in some meteorites near the sun. After all, the ancient Egyptians weren’t all that wrong about this golden-green stone. Olivine, peridot’s basic form, also can be found on Mars and the moon. Therefore, it’s safe to say that our lovely peridot is a very special gemstone!

Aside from space, Peridot can also be found in molten rock of the upper mantle. This is also quite rare, considering that only 2 stones (the other one is diamond) occur at this part. To reach the surface, peridot needs some kind of tectonic activity like; earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. The more you learn about peridot, the more interesting it gets!

For instance, did you know that peridot is still produced on the same island where it was first discovered, St. John’s Island, or known as Topazios? It can also be mined in the USA, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Norway, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, and Australia. On the Mohs scale, peridot has between 6.5 to 7 mineral hardness.

As for the transcendental part, peridot symbolizes light. It will bring a clear mind and thinking while it also helps people to find their purpose in life. It is also believed that peridot has protective qualities, and its sparkle can detract from evil thoughts, fears, and nightmares. 

Peridot Jewelry

Peridot has been also called the “Evening Emerald” and it can sometimes be confused with emerald. For instance, the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Mary in Germany has a well-known art piece called The Shrine of Three Kings. It is embellished with gold and green gemstones. For almost centuries, they have been considered emeralds; however, they’re 200-carat peridots.

Last but not least, peridot stone has been greatly used in jewelry for centuries. It has been a popular stone of choice among many famous names, from Cleopatra to Kate Middleton. It is the traditional stone for 16th wedding anniversaries. Peridot jewelry will be the perfect fit for both daytime looks, and it will also compliment your glamorous night-outs. It is also a great choice if you do not want to spend a fortune but still want to look luxurious. Do not forget to check our green-hued peridot jewelry collection!

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