It’s becoming increasingly chilly and the leaves on trees already started falling all around you. All it means is that it’s time to grab a hot cup of tea and relax near a window, listening to the rain falling, whilst taking a browse through the GLAMIRA website.

In this article, we will be discussing some fantastic autumn trends that you will absolutely love. Furthermore, when it comes to autumn jewelry can be used for enhancing dull clothes. Not that autumn clothing can’t be colorful or exciting, but it’s usually cream-coloured, black or grey , so a little bit of metal won’t hurt.

Suitable jewelry pieces usually have very soft metals with bolder or subtler looks that will compliment all of your soft sweaters and comfy clothes.

So, without further ado, let’s talk a bit about our favourites when we think of crisp colorful leaves, rain coats and foggy shop windows.

GLAMIRA Ring Barbara

Our first suggestion is the Barbara ring which has citrine stones and it’s made from white gold. The jewelry captures and reflects the autumn colors and light, whilst being extremely subtle. Moreover, the citrine stones are spread evenly throughout the band to capture the essence of glistening autumn mornings filled with peace.

Of course, the ring hides many possibilities like choosing a different stone or a different colour of gold. Also, another really good combination is rose gold with garnet stone. This combination reminds of a good glass of wine near a crackling fireplace with soft hues of light sprinkling around the room.

If you’re completely sold on this suggestion, then check out the product down below.

Check out Ring Barbara here:

GLAMIRA Brooch Malene

Another suggestion is a brooch that screams autumn from all angles. The Malene brooch represents a gold leaf that can fit any style. Moreover, it’s a wonderful accessory for any scarf or coat. 

Additionally, it’s a solid piece that is made out of gold and you can choose a color like yellow, rose or white. 

All of these colors go together wonderfully with any piece of clothing lying around in your wardrobe.

Check out Brooch Malene:

GLAMIRA Earring Amarilla

There are many versions of these earrings with different beautiful stones and colors of gold. Moreover, the style of earrings is quite classic but combined with smoky topaz, black diamond, and yellow sapphire it looks fantastic. Additionally, when you top it all off with rose gold, these earrings become a staple piece for days in and out.

Check out Earring Amarilla:

GLAMIRA Pendant  Cefalania

Ruby, diamonds, and gold are some autumn favourites and this time they come in the form of a gorgeous necklace.

Of course, you can always mix and match metals and stones in order to achieve the desired results.

This one is especially wonderful to pair with some burgundy red lipstick or a pair of burgundy earrings.

Whatever you choose, you can be rest assured that it will look gorgeous on any autumn day.

Check out Pendant Cefalania:

GLAMIRA Ring Tamanna

Amethyst stones not only have a beautiful purple glimmer, but they bring lots of good fortune to their owner. The Tamanna ring is a gorgeous piece that looks great with yellow gold, amethyst, and a black diamond. Moreover, purple is a great color for autumn because it’s more on the darker spectre and represents nights getting longer and darker.

Of course, you can always choose different stones or colors of metals, so the ring can fit your style greatly. 

Check out Ring Tamanna:

To sum up, any season is always a good occasion to get new jewelry and autumn is especially a very suitable one. 

If you want to view our mentioned products visit the links above or go to our GLAMIRA website for more.

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