Autumn is here! Every new season comes with freshness and excitement for sure. Fall 2021 is slightly different since we could not experience the last one as usual. We mostly were at our homes, not wearing our outdoor clothes or fancy jewelry. However, things are looking much better now. With so many places opening back, we wanted to bring some fashion inspiration. If you are going back to work and you are not sure what the current jewelry trends are, we are here to help. 

In general, this year’s autumn jewelry trends are not so much different from the previous one. So your last year’s purchases probably will be in fashion this season too. We have selected five jewelry trends for you to incorporate into your business outfits!

Statement Earrings

Autumn 2021 is the season of striking earrings. From sparkly studs to spectacular drops, there are many different style options to choose from. As always, you can customize them with the metal and gemstone of your choice. Now, we are sanitizing our hands more than usual, and fall outfits may not be ideal for necklaces. So, earrings are going to be perfect for elevating your plain office outfit! Statement earring trend is great for adapting for formal settings because with just one jewelry piece you can showcase your style.

Iridescent Pearl

If you are saying extreme earrings are not your cup of tea and you much prefer something subtle, then pearl fashion is for you! Pearls have always been a classic and they are never out of fashion. This timeless beauty will be an excellent addition both to your jewelry collection and office wardrobe. This season instead of going for classic pearls, you can choose more unique pearl pieces. Your office style will look more sophisticated instantly! P.S. We also offer black and rose pearls as well. 

Personalized Jewelry

As we all know office outfits can be monotone and boring. You might have some sort of dress code to follow or wearing fashionable clothes is not something feasible. Having personalized jewelry is key to having a stand-out look. There are many ways to personalize your jewelry pieces. You can pick jewelry that has your horoscope sign on it, or you can choose to wear your initials. Another great way to personalize your jewelry is to customize it with your birthstone. All of our jewelry is fully customizable! This way you can add something personal to your plain and formal outfit. 

Layering, Layering, Layering

Over-the-top jewelry is clearly an ongoing trend in recent years. Just like statement earrings wearing lots of layers or stacks is another trend to adjust your work gear. It is a great way to make your outfit glamorous and distinct. Combining shorter and longer necklaces, wearing harmonious rings to each finger, or creating your dream earring stack… There is an option for everybody, so which one would be your choice?

A New Take on Enamel

Colorful enamel jewelry was everywhere last summer. While we are approaching cooler months enamel jewelry is still chic but with a twist. Instead of colorful ones, we would recommend neutral tones. It is great because white or black enamel pieces will go perfectly with your formal clothing. As for your office outfit, an enamel ring will add the modern touch that you need! 


We hope that our suggestions will jazz up your formal office outfits. Do not forget to click on the photos for product links and more. Stay tuned for our next season jewelry trends blog post!

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