Who doesn’t like a fairytale proposal? Everything from the big sparkly diamond ring to the romantic view that makes up one.

But when we look back in time on some celebrities and their proposals, we can’t help but glance over the engagement rings. 

In this article, we are going to list some of the most famous engagement rings. However,  bare in mind that most of them are going to be royal ones. 

It’s not that they are better than the rest, but they are the most famous.

1.Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty’s ring is going first, because she is the most well-known face in the world from this list. The year is 1947 and Prince Philip rushes to pop the question to Princess Elizabeth at the time.

The ring itself is a 3-carat diamond ring with a platinum band. Additionally, the centerpiece solitaire diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Furthermore, it looks very simple but it’s high class as an engagement ring for a Queen to-be.

Next to the fact that it’s 3 carats, it carries a much higher value for the oldest monarch ever ruled.

The ring itself is crafted of a tiara that was once a possession of Prince Philip’s mother. If you are familiar with the royal family, you must know that Philip’s family was not wealthy at all, so he had one option.

2. Jackie Kennedy 

Back in 1953 John Kennedy popped the question to his future wife Jacqueline Bouvier with a diamond and emerald ring. Furthermore, the gemstones valued 2.84 carats for the emerald and 2.88 carats for the diamond. Also, the ring itself has a stylish diamond halo around it. 

Not only is this jewellery sure beautiful, but also it carries on the tragedy of the 22nd of November, 1963.

Furthermore, this ring was a trend setting jewellery for years to come, and women looked forward to getting it.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Another icon in the list is no other than Marilyn Monroe herself. The Yankees player Joe DiMaggio gave her the eternity band in 1954.

The ring consists of a platinum band covered with 35 diamonds sporting a baguette cut.

Moreover, this ring style followed the iconic path of its owner. And to this day, it’s very much liked by most women because of its style and class.

4. Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

At number 4, we put two names that sadly did not cross paths due to Diana’s tragic passing in 1997.

Little did she know that her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton would inherit her own engagement ring. 

So, back in 1981 Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with a breathtaking oval blue Ceylon sapphire with a diamond halo and a white gold band. The value of the sapphire rounded about 12 carats and the gold was 18 carats. 

However, years after Diana’s passing, her son Prince William proposed to his girlfriend Kate Middleton with the very same ring. Furthermore, it is said that after Diana’s death, her sons William and Harry had the right to own one of her belongings each. 

For William it was a Cartier watch and for Harry the famous ring. However, later on Harry gave the ring to William for the proposal.

In short, it is a very sweet story that brought two of the most important women in William’s life together.

5. Meghan Markle

If we are going to be talking about Prince William, we can’t help but talk about his brother Harry’ s proposal. 

Again, in this story Princess Diana is present, as well. It seems like her sons can’t help but bring her along to their most special moments.

So, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle is a well-known TV actress from the series “Suits”. They said that they met because of mutual friends and one friend of Meghan in particular. 

In this case, Meghan’s proposal wasn’t anything grand at all, but just a simple roast chicken dinner at their home. 

The ring itself is a gold band with a cushion-cut diamond with Princess Diana’s little diamonds on the sides. Moreover, the value of the diamond is 3 carats. 

So far, it appears that William and Harry’s spouses are living the fairytale every girl wants.

6. Grace Kelly 

This princess-to-be is a world-known name and Meghan Markle in a way followed her footsteps to royal life.

Grace was an American actress who became a big star in no time. Furthermore, the movies that made her famous were “Mogambo”, “High Noon”, “High Society”, “Dial M for Murder” and others. At the time, she was an upcoming 26-year old star, until she met Prince Rainier III and fell in love. History tells us that three days after the Prince met Graceр he proposed. In detail, the ring was a diamond one with a platinum band and additional diamonds on the sides. The value of the emerald-cut stone was 10.47 carats 

Furthermore, Grace threw away her acting career and became the Princess of Monaco. They married in 1986.

We believe that this concludes our list of the most fairytale-like engagements with a highlight on the royals.If you are planning to pop the question, then go to our website and choose the best engagement ring.

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