So, 2020 brings Father’s day once again this year. In this article, we will be discussing ways to celebrate the special man in your life with presents.

There are so many options to choose from, so you can make the day special.

Simply, put on your thinking hat and start writing down ideas in this first part of our guide.

Why is jewellery the perfect Father’s day gift?

Not only is men jewellery a very versatile and interesting gift, but it leaves a memory and something to cherish. Furthermore, high street brands provide such pieces that last a lifetime. Plus, with engraving and personalization, you can put up a whole story with a few simple words.

For the most part, it’s going to be a part of his daily life and a constant reminder of your love. 

You can choose from a wide range of leather bracelets, cufflinks, rings, necklaces, etc. 

So, without further ado, let us show you some of our picks of jewellery that your father will absolutely love. If you are interested in any of our suggestions, check out the links below each product to find out more about it.

GLAMIRA Ring Heroic

Rings such as the GLAMIRA Ring Heroic with beautiful sapphires worth 0.6 carats are great for a quality long lasting present for your father. The ring has a stylish silver band with a unique and yet modern twist to the metal.

Moreover, sapphires are known for their protecting and healing powers. Also, they are jewels worn by kings mostly in ancient times.

Their shine and quality are astonishing to the eye and they capture light wonderfully.

What a better way to tell your father that he is an absolute king?

Check out Ring Heroic:

GLAMIRA Diamonds Ring Hercules

A similar and just as beautiful is the GLAMIRA Diamonds Ring Hercules which has diamonds and sapphires with a silver band. Additionally, the total carat value of it is 0.24 carats. 

It’s modern band and design would fit perfectly any man’s style and the subtle diamonds and sapphires don’t overtake the ring.

If you want to see more options on customization that the ring has, then go to the link down below.

Check out Ring Hercules:

GLAMIRA Ring No Rush

Our last ring suggestion before we move on to other types of jewellery is the Glamira Ring No Rush. It has a silver band with an emerald at the center. In addition, the emerald is 0.5 carats. 

Emeralds are known as some of the classiest gemstones used in jewellery. Many celebrities have made them famous and their green shine cannot go unnoticed.

This particular ring has very slick and modern design which turns it into a staple piece in your father’s collection.

Check out Ring No Rush:

GLAMIRA Cufflink Youthful Mind

Cufflinks are a very stylish way to enhance the quality of your suit. So, our first suggestion is this beautiful silver cufflink with blue topazes with a total carat value of 0.24 carats. 

These are one of our favourites since they are quite minimalistic and they would look great for any occasion- from a business event to a wedding.

Check out Cufflink Youthful Mind:

GLAMIRA Cufflink Arturo

And next in line comes this gorgeous ruby cufflink with silver metal. It’s total carat value is 0.2 carats. Again, this one is quite a minimalistic piece that can add some colour to any event. 

Moreover, this is not only a bestseller according to customers, but it’s also pretty affordable. 

We are sure that your father will fall in love with these new little treasures in his collection.

Check out Cufflink Arturo:

GLAMIRA Cufflink Primerio

These cufflinks are so beautiful that you can probably already picture your father at some red carpet with these.

Furthermore, Primerio cufflinks have a rose gold metal with diamonds and black onyx gemstones. The total carat value of the diamonds is 0.88 carats.

However, not only do the cufflinks have precious stones, but the rose gold compliments them.

Furthermore, we urge you to grab the Primerio cufflinks whilst they’re still in stock!

Check out Cufflink Primerio:

However if you don’t have the extra budget for jewelry, then get your father some personalized father’s day gifts or browse for diy father’s day gift ideas. Either way perfect gifts can be simple and thoughtful, but splurging on jewelry is always fun. Furthermore, it’s a gift lasting a lifetime apart from others.

With all of that said, stay tuned for the second part of this article.

See you there!

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