So, coming from the first part of the Father’s Day series, we continue with more gift ideas. 

Moreover, you can start listing your favourites and choose from the list. Remember that whatever you get your father, he will love it. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the next present in the list.

GLAMIRA Men’s Earring Donatien

So, our next suggestion are these gorgeous earrings with platinum and yellow diamonds. Their total carat value is 0.5 carats. 

Moreover, these earrings are one of the jewels of the men’s earrings section.

So, if you think that your father would love a pair of these jewels, then head over to GLAMIRA’s website and get them.

Check out Earring Donatien:

GLAMIRA Men’s Earring Torreon

Earrings Torreon are a fantastic attribute to any man’s style. Furthermore, they’re so slick and industrial looking.

Moreover, they have diamonds worth 0.03 carats and they are made out of white gold. 

The design meets modern style and masculinity all in one. Before we go to leather bracelets, see the earrings in the link below.

Check out Earring Torreon:

GLAMIRA Bracelet Bradley

The Bradley bracelet is made out of quality leather and has Swarovski crystals on the rose gold metal. The total carat value of the stones is 0.625 carats. Moreover, this bracelet is so versatile that your dad can pair it up with every day and formal outfits. Also, you can customize it however you like with the options from the website.

If you are interested in it, you can see it for yourself from the link down below.

Check out Bracelet Bradley:

GLAMIRA Bracelet Robin

The Robin bracelet is another brilliant piece that has diamonds and rose gold metal over the leather. Moreover, the total carat value of the diamonds  is 0.275 carats.

Robin is yet another versatile bracelet like Bradley that lets its owner experiment with his style.

If you want to check out the product, then go to the link below.

Check out Bracelet Robin:

GLAMIRA Pendant Omega

The Omega pendant has one big Swarovski crystal that values to 3.7 carats, it’s made out of yellow gold and its chain is a Square Rolo Forzentina style.

Moreover, the pendant’s design reminds of mighty power and the will to make anything possible.

So, if your father has the character of the Alpha or Omega, then this pendant is perfect for him.

If you want to check out the product, then go to the link below.

Check out Pendant Omega:

GLAMIRA Pendant Rory

The Rory Pendant is a wonderful little jewellery piece that sports Swarovski crystals and diamonds with yellow gold. Firstly the total carat value of the stones is 0.259 carats. Secondly, the yellow gold chain is a box chain style that looks great paired with the pendant. 

So, if you want your father to own such a precious piece in his collection, get it now before it’s sold out.

Check out Pendant Rory:

With this, we conclude our suggestions for Father’s Day jewelry gifts. Of course, you can always look up some father’s day activity ideas or party ideas to make it even more fun and special. 

We hope that you have a wonderful day with your father and Glamira wishes you a fantastic celebration!

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