While personality is a really complex issue, all of our choices tell something about us. From the moment we wake up in the morning and start getting dressed, we prepare ourselves for the outside world. There is this phrase which we all know, the first impression. It is the image we create in those few seconds on the other person while we walk down the street, meeting new people, in job interviews, and so on. Whether we like it or not, our mimics, choice of clothing, and jewelry tell something about us. We have prepared a guide for 16 different personality types. While building up your image, this guide will help you to make your choices more consciously. So let’s see which one fits you the best!


Architect – Discovering new things and constant hunger for knowledge. With a love of perfecting details, applying creativity, and having a private and complex inner world, you will love our intricate Fusion Collection. These meticulously handcrafted pieces will fascinate you. 

Logician – Immense curiosity with always questioning and asking questions about life. A strive for solving mysteries and puzzles with unique perspectives and vigorous intellect… How would you think about cabochon jewelry? For you, we gathered all the world’s mysteries in a dome. 

Commander – Natural-born leaders with inner power and influence. You have the gift of charisma and confidence. With your sharp mind and leader characteristics, you will love ’The King of Precious Stones’, passionate ruby jewelry. All the great achievements were born from great passion.

Debater – Can’t resist an intellectual challenge and always creating original ideas? So, designing your own jewelry is a perfect fit for you. Your creative ideas and our endless options will create the most unique piece. Black diamonds, moissanite, and rubellite gemstones will mesmerize you at a single glance. For the uniqueness in each piece…


Advocate – Quiet, inspiring and tend to approach life with deep imagination. It is the rarest personality type, and they leave their mark on the world. So an authentic jewelry piece with the rarest gemstone would be a perfect fit for you. A tanzanite jewelry piece will take you to your dream world. 

Mediator – Poetic, kind, and altruistic. Mediators are vibrant, passionate, idealistic, and emphatic. With an artistic, dreamy jewelry piece, you can express your poetic nature. Nature-inspired Organic Design collection will bloom your kindness.

Protagonist – You put your spell on your listeners. You are born to influence others with your words. If you feel the joy of guiding others, you are a true trendsetter. So our picks for you are from Influencers x Glamira Collections.

Campaigner – The social butterflies with a true free spirit. With your charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate energy, we have designs that are tailor-made for you. Our leather bracelets, Animal Collection, and Black Touch Collection are just made for your adventurous soul! 


Logistician – You’re practical and love the facts. Your tireless dedication to duty makes you the core of society. So, the core of gemstones, the diamonds, will be your match. Your love for clarity and brightness suits diamonds most beautifully. 

Defender – Defenders are a wonderful group, fighting for their worthy causes non-stop. They convey love, kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity. Their beautiful nature suits our peachy-pink morganite jewelry and pink tourmaline. 

Executive – Excellent administrators with their own sensible judgments.Strong believers in the rule of love and authority. If your true passion is to dive into the most challenging projects, black onyx is our pick for you that will make you shine through your hardest projects.

Consul – With their extraordinarily caring, supportive, and social nature, joyful gemstones will be their best fit. They will be under the spotlight, sparkling in splashy hues to convey the energy of cheerfulness.


Virtuoso – Bold and practical and examining the world around them. People under this personality type are natural Makers, moving from project to project. They dare to differ and have interests in unexplored areas. So, Wood & Carbon jewelry will be their best fit.

Adventurer – They are true artists with their charming souls. They love experimenting with beauty and life in a colorful and sensual world. With their irresistible charm and out-of-the-box thinking, they will be harmonious with rare and beautiful colored diamonds.

Entrepreneur – They are smart, energetic, and very perceptive. They love to be the center of attention. Glamorous jewelry pieces, for example, round-cut diamond jewelry, will be a great choice. While enriching their fashion sense, they will catch all eyes at a single glance.

Entertainer – Spontaneous, energetic people that turn life into a joyful experience. They have a strong aesthetic sense and are naturally curious about exploring new designs and styles. Marquise cut diamonds and gemstones will show their theatrical nature.

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