October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a worldwide annual health campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer and to promote regular check-ups. Throughout the month, nonprofit organizations and health institutions come together and run campaigns to increase awareness. In addition, they also inform people further about prevention methods and raise donations for scientific research. There are also health forums, educational seminars, and fund-raising activities for people to join.

As for the month’s history, it started as one week in October 1985 in the USA. The main aim was to bring the public’s attention to early detection. Because breast cancer is highly curable if it is detected in the early stages. That is why developed countries allocate higher funds to raise awareness, cancer research, and health care infrastructures. As a result, they have much better survival rates when it comes to breast cancer. In other words, the more awareness means the more people survive.

Why pink?

In the 1990s, pink ribbons were handed out to raise more awareness and it attracted public attention. In a short time, pink ribbons became an emblem for breast cancer awareness. Especially the color pink, as it became a symbol of hope and health, is used not just on ribbons but on clothing, websites to demonstrate awareness and support. Men and women wore pink shirts, pink hats, or most commonly pink jewelry to show their respect to the survivors and remember those lost to the disease. 

To show our respect to earlier survivors and those who lost the battle, we believe it is time we return to the traditions. Brooch Snood with pink tourmaline comes with a modern touch to the original idea. It accompanies you with the simplest but most effective design. Pink Sapphire represents power through hardships. It helps you carry through this battle with your head high and put a pink shine along this journey. With its heart design combined with pink sapphires, Ring Amelie empowers you or a loved one affected by Breast Cancer and shows your support in the best way possible.  

Other than symbolic brooch and ring, you can also check out our bracelets and necklaces. If wearing brooches is not possible, then you can join the solidarity by wearing our Bracelet Mindona. This chain-style bracelet is perfect for this month with its ribbon and you can customize it with pink tourmalines. Lastly, our lovely style Necklace Amata will also fit this month’s spirit. 

Jewelry is one of the ways to show your support to the alliance. We hope that our picks will complement Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do not forget to visit our website for more jewelry that will suit each and every occasion.

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