What would you answer if we told you that we are preparing you a cocktail from the rings?

– With or without alcohol? Do not hurry before reading our article…

We would like to tell you something about the new jewelry collection ‘Cocktail Rings’. As the name implies, they are more like a cocktail of colorful stone rings. The colors are so bright  that they remind of Brazilian carnivals. Would you like the tiny amethyst stones that surround the pink tourmaline or the small sapphire stones that enlighten a big peridot? In fact, it is possible to create these combinations endlessly, since you can choose the stone and its color yourself, which you want to use as the main and secondary stones. Once you have decided on the model and the metal, you can combine the desired stones into a design and create the ring that best reflects you. As you look at the GLAMIRA Cocktail Rings Collection, you can expand the boundaries of your creativity and make your style as colorful as possible!

Diamonds Ring Holly

Glamira - Diamonds Ring Holly

Ring Staska

Ring Staska

Ring Efrata

Coctail Ring Efrata

Ring Serifos

Coctail Ring Serifos

Ring Bernie

Coctail Ring Bernie

Ring Metis

Glamira - Ring Metis

Ring Nillson

Glamira - Ring Nillson

Ring Alonnisos

Glamira - Ring Alonnisos

Ring Fiene

Glamira - Ring Fiene

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