Jewelry = Women’s accessories? We don’t think so. Jewelry is a statement,a self expression and has no gender, or age. This is why GLAMIRA offers high-end jewelry with special designs with many customisation options for the little ones. World Children’s Day is the perfect day to give your little angels a piece of jewelry that will be their precious little companions.

Children are creative, have boundless imaginations and they know exactly what they want. It’s important to boost their self confidence by supporting their ideas, to show them respect and making them feel unique, as they truly are. GLAMIRA kids’ jewelry collection offers a huge variety of designs for you to give them a meaningful gift on Children’s Day. You can customize each piece based on your or your children’s choice of models, stones and metals.

Children's Day | Child Hands

These children jewels are at the age range of 0-5, 5-9 and 9-16; so that you can find the proper piece for your children.

A child’s skin is sensitive. This is why GLAMIRA reverts to materials which are of high-quality. You do not have to doubt about their health; we ensure allergy-free products with the highest quality.

Don’t you want to give the kids a gift they’ll remember for life? Rings are one of the favorite jewels not only for adults but also for children.

Kids White Diamond RingKids Diamond RingKids Diamond Ring

We’re sure they will wear these necklaces not only as a kid, but also in the future, as a memorable symbol of their joyful childhood.

Kids Diamond PendantGlamira | Kids Cloud NecklaceKids Yellow Diamond Ring

Great designs for children who like to wear earrings…

Kids Diamond EarringsKids Red Diamond EarringsKids Diamond Earrings

With these different bracelet designs, children can reflect their style too!

Kids Diamond BraceletKids Ruby BraceletKids Diamond Bracelet

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