Outdoor Activity Picks for Couples

Outdoor events are such a great opportunity to get snuggly with your partner. You two getting away from other people to enjoy some time only for you is not only fun but also nurturing for your relationship. What makes outdoor events different from some Netflix & Chill time at home is that you two get to experience new things together. Going on a little adventure together means that you two will learn new things and get involved in activities. This will help you develop a healthy form of communication besides the incredibly romantic time it will provide you with. 

Imagine you two decide to go camping or on a road trip. In order to make these plans, you will need to research and learn new things together. Shopping necessary equipment, exploring new places and discovering common areas of interest are just part of this. Can you imagine learning how to make a campfire or build a tent together? This is a very romantic way of building teamwork in your relationship and get to enjoy each other’s company away from anyone else.

Before you start reading our top outdoor activity picks for you, remember that this year’s Valentine’s Day is on Friday, which makes it perfect timing to go outdoors with your loved one!


Spending a day or night in the woods or somewhere in the countryside will be an amazingly romantic retreat for you two. This way you can get away from the crowded city lights and watch the stars hand in hand. You can even make a campfire that will warm not only your hands but also your hearts. You two can enjoy some fresh air, tell each other stories and sleep in a tent you have set up together. Camping will certainly bring you two closer and nurture your relationship.

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A Short Road Trip

Take your partner on a road trip to somewhere you think you could have some romantic time. Search for the nearest getaway spots and hit the road. Spending time driving to a beautiful destination and listening to some romantic songs on the way will provide you with a very happy and joyful time. Along the way, you can stop by a nice place or a spot with a view and discover new things together. Depending on the weather, you can even rent a convertible!

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An Open-Air Concert

A concert is a great time for you two to have a lot of fun and maybe get crazy together. Look for the upcoming concerts near your area and see if there’s a concert by a band or singer that you both like. If you have the time, go big and visit a festival together. You two will have so much fun and have the chance to socialize with other people together. Remember, concert tickets also make great Valentine’s gifts!

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Fitting some exercise in your romantic time? Sounds just perfect! Rent a pair of bicycles with your partner and start riding. Research a good cycling trail near your area or just ride by the seaside. Stop by a coffee or ice cream truck along the way and enjoy a little treat. Cycling provides a great time to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

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Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-in theaters are nostalgic and classically romantic places. When you get there you will see that there are many couples who are there to enjoy some romanticism. You can bring some food and drinks and maybe a couple of chairs or cushions with you to turn this time into an entire event. Even though drive-in theaters are not as common as they used to be, you will see that they are still a popular romantic activity for couples.

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