Winter is here. And it brings a lot of excitement among itself. With winter, the holiday season comes too. The feels of Christmas and new year fills us. It is the time to be joyful! And we cannot start the new season with a better birthstone other than the one and only Tanzanite! It is one of the most magical gems with its blue color with violet hues. If you want to learn more about one of the rarest gemstones, please keep reading.

As you might already guess, the tanzanite’s name comes from Tanzania. This semi-precious gem is only found in Tanzania. When it first was founded in 1967, tanzanite was called “blue zoisite” since it includes mineral zoisite as well as calcium aluminum silicate. Although it is not as popular as diamonds, tanzanite is getting more and more attention every year by collectors. Tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds and its dazzling color makes this gem exceptional and sought-after. Also, since the formation process of tanzanite was unique, it is unlikely that people will discover more. So get your hands on this mesmerizing gem before it is gone forever!

As we mentioned above tanzanite is known for its unique color. Tanzanite has a multidimensional color. That is why it can be seen differently according to the direction you are looking from. Specialists called this feature “trichroic”. So if you can see blue, violet, or even red hues depending on your viewpoint. Because of its fascinating qualities, tanzanite sparked off a great interest between geologists and jewelers. That is why tanzanite has a reputation as a “geological phenomenon” or “the gemstone of the 20th century”.

Meaning and Jewelry

Tanzanite is a relatively newer gemstone, so there are not many stories or legends surrounding it. People associated tanzanite with good luck and prosperity and used it for new beginnings. Tanzanite is a protective stone, it prevents the negative energy from becoming overwhelming and opens the heart for new experiences. Also, when tanzanite has a deeper blue color, it represents royalty, and it can help to achieve your dreams.

Although it is not around for that long, tanzanite has become a great alternative to other gemstones like sapphire or amethyst. It is eye-catching, unique, and enchanting. It will look even more beautiful for the engagement rings. If you are looking for a colored gem for your big day we would highly recommend browsing some tanzanite options as well. As for the customization, tanzanite combines well with white gold and other gems such as diamonds or white sapphires. From our website, you can personalize your tanzanite jewelry as you wish!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about this sensational gem. Please check out other birthstone blog posts and our website for more amazing jewelry!

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