Right place, right time, and the right person.

It is almost impossible to think of a person without the ultimate happiness when they have the right person around them because it is the signal of sharing their life with their significant other. What can be given to someone as an alternative to this joy? 

In order to celebrate the most exciting moment of their lives, couples prefer to have tokens signaling the journey that they decided to begin: an engagement ring.

An engagement ring is a cultural token of love saying that “I finally found the love of my life to share my journey with,” and what makes those rings worth having is basically this meaning underneath its presence. Some may believe that the brighter is better while choosing the right engagement ring representing your love, but there are other aspects to consider as well. 

One of those aspects is to choose between different options of stone: Diamonds, White Sapphires, and Moissanite – Which one should you choose for an engagement ring? 

Moissanite and White Sapphires are known for being the best simulants that can replace diamonds without anyone noticing the difference – of course, diamond experts would know the difference. At first glance, these budget-friendly alternative gemstones wouldn’t let anyone guess that the engagement ring is not a real diamond. Being budget-friendly compared to diamonds makes these gemstones a perfect fit for the ones trying to find an engagement ring that won’t cost too much. 

The most important date of your love story deserves the most luxurious item. The dreamy proposal of your fairy-tale-like wedding story will be the brightest of all with the glamorous shine of your engagement ring. Well, what is needed to consider while choosing the perfect ring for your proposal? 

Things to Consider: How to Choose the Best Ring?

Every hand is unique in its own way. While deciding on the best fit of a ring, one should consider various factors including the ring carrier’s finger shape and size, and the 4C of the Diamond. Among other variables, these two are ranking the most important ones to consider. 

The Importance of Finger Shape and Size: 

Our hands have their signature features differentiating themselves from other hands, just like our fingers and fingerprints. Not every ring shape is suitable for every finger. There are a bunch of factors affecting the decision process. For example, short fingers are not a preferable fit for wider bands because of the fact that the ring might cause the finger to be seen even shorter than it actually is. Instead, shorter fingers should prefer oval and maybe pear-shaped rings to preserve their elegant look all the time. 

In that case, Moissanites and Diamonds have a wide range of cut options for you to decide the best fit. The availability of different options might make the decision process take a long time, yet it will certainly be worth waiting at the end. 

When it comes to White Sapphires, on the other hand, the cutting process may sometimes cause them to lose their sparkly nature. However it is a fact that white sapphires will always look a bit softer compared to diamonds’ natural glamor, so don’t be concerned about it. 

It is common to fall in love with a ring and then come back to reality with the fact that it is offered with only one type of shape. However, this disappointment is highly rejected in GLAMIRA. GLAMIRA offers you plenty of options under each cut to allow you to find the best fit. 

Considering the 4C of Diamond: 

If you prefer to go with the diamond option while choosing your engagement ring, the most essential thing for you to consider is “the 4C of Diamond.” The universal criteria to classify diamonds according to their quality have been listed under the name “The 4C of Diamond.” The 4C in this criteria is referred to as “cut, clarity, carat, and color.” Since the first one was explained above, the list can continue with “clarity.” 

Clarity is one of the main features determining the price and value of a quality diamond. The brighter and clearer the diamond is, the higher the price becomes. So, one can conclude that there is a direct correlation between these two. 

The next aspect that one should consider is the carat. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. However, you shouldn’t conclude that the larger carat doesn’t necessarily mean a more expensive price. Therefore, you should be careful while trying to create a correlation between these. 

Last but not least, the potential buyer should also consider the color! Although it is commonly known that diamonds are meant to be “white,” it is not necessarily true for all cases. Diamonds in GLAMIRA are offered in various colors such as blue, black, yellow, and brown. 

Final Touches Upon The End

It is crucial to consider every possible point while shopping for something important. Here in this blog, we covered different aspects of three different possibilities for engagement rings. If you look for something naturally sparkly and suitable for your proposal environment, white sapphires can be a fit for you with their budget-friendly alternatives. However, if you are looking for a high-quality aura of diamond and a budget-friendly alternative at the same time, then moissanite is the fit for your search. The best gem for your proposal ring highly depends on the desire of you and your beloved one. You may want to go with the diamond or with the alternatives to living and cherishing the fairy tale of your love. 


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