In times of self isolation, mental health can get a bit tricky to control. Furthermore, we all have down days and good days.

And to make things better, some good gifts are always great for you elderly members of family or just friends.

Of course, there is no need to have an occasion to do so. Simply, choose the best possible present from the list down below and make someone happy. It’s that simple.

Actually, some of them are not even that hard or even expensive to get. It takes some imagination and the right ingredients to make hard times easier.

Prepaid subscription services

This is the easiest present for anyone of any age. Firstly, remind yourself what the person prefers: movies or music. 

Then, go to services like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Disney +, or Spotify and send a prepaid voucher to their home.

It can even be mental health apps with meditation and yoga that require subscription. Such are extremely important especially for the first line staff that battles the pandemic. 

Some services can include grocery delivery for those of high risk.

Just take a hard good look through the Internet, mostly because a lot of services have lockdown discounts.

Thank us later.

Gifts for kids

For parents, lockdown is especially hard, so giving them some toys or educational materials for kids is going to save them.

Choose some puzzles, maybe some coloring books or LEGO, wooden blocks that can stimulate their mind and keep them quiet, while parents do their work

Just don’t get musical toys because those parents will never call you again. Trust us.


Book lovers are going to love you for this since bookshops are closed and getting books can be tricky. With ebooks, getting a book is done in a matter of seconds. You choose, pay via card, and you can read the next second.

So, a little Kindle can help out with its array of Amazon ebooks always there for you.

These devices are quite inexpensive and they last really long, since the battery life is fantastic.

Also, get it with a screen protector and a cover to keep it safe for longer.

A lockdown bundle basket

Everyone needs a little bit of pick-me-up during tough times. So, why not get a simple basket and fill it with candy, some pamper items like lotions, bath bombs, face masks, etc.

You can additionally put in a nice little blanket, a candle, and a book. Just think of relaxation, peace, and happiness.

Most likely, you know what the receiver likes, so make it personal, and include a card to express support and love.

Artistry and broidery

Embroidering and painting are activities that most people take up during lockdown. So, why not invest in a good set for both and ship it to someone that would absolutely love them.

Additionally, you can put in some poppy seeds or other flowers for their garden or balcony.

Furthermore, it’s strongly advised that people stay active and occupied, especially if they have lost their jobs.


If we can’t go out to nature, then we must bring nature in. Furthermore, gift your favourite people some bouquets or pots of cacti, petunia or anything they might like. For one thing, if they are not plant-people, you can put a card with instructions on taking care of them.

And while we are on the gardening topic, you can give some garden decorations to make any balcony or open space better.


This might be an odd idea, but engraved jewellery  like GLAMIRA Pendant Simona or GLAMIRA Pendant Laycia with an encouraging message can make anyone’s day better. You can engrave anything from “be strong”, “support”, “resilience”, “strength”, etc.

In short, in terms of quarantine presents, you have to think of making life better and more bearable. And the best thing is that you get them online without making a single step out of the house.

Being positive and calm is key and we wish you health and well-being!

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