Getting engaged is one of the most important and unforgettable moments of our lives. With the global pandemic, isolation, and all the hardships, we have learned that love cannot be stopped. Day by day, we have witnessed the power of love. To crown your beautiful love, we have created a guide to help you find the right style. A key to a unique ring is all about personal touches. Below we have explained all the details you need to know about engagement ring styles! For your search for uniqueness, don’t forget that each of our designs is customizable!


The solitaire-style engagement ring is the most classic and timeless one! The name solitaire refers to the single stone on the ring. The solitaire stone is usually mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting. For a design that will never go out of fashion, you can choose among our various solitaire designs to create the one for you!

Solitaire Pavé

The pavé setting technique involves embedding tiny diamonds or any other gemstones into the band of the ring. With these little stones, the ring catches all the light it sees. To create a glowing look on your finger and personalize it with your favorite stone or maybe even with your birthstone, you can create a unique and feminine look!


This style is among the most popular. The row of smaller pavé-set diamonds creates a dazzling border or a halo around the center stone. This way you reach maximum sparkles and your center stone looks even bigger and brighter. To create an even more stunning look, you can choose different colors of gemstones! 


The cathedral setting creates an elegant and traditional look! Its intriguing appearance looks as if it comes from a different era. The metal of the shank and shoulders curve up to support the diamond and because it resembles the arches of a cathedral it took its name. It is a sophisticated choice for an engagement ring!

Shank & Split Shank Style

By choosing an unconventional shank, you can create a different style. The split of the shanks gives the ring a subtle elegance and an artistic look. You can opt for a pavé setting on your shanks to create dazzling shimmers. Also keep that in mind that, this design creates an illusion of a bigger center stone!


The Bezel engagement ring offers the most secure setting for the center stone. The center stone is covered in borders with the metal instead of raised on prongs. An excellent choice for the ones who have an active lifestyle and love a modern approach!


Tension-style engagement rings are a bit futuristic! They are among the most modern and unique designs. Instead of pongs or a bezel, with this design, the center stone keeps its place with the pressure of the two halves of a shank. With its enchanting visual effect, this design is perfect for all visionary brides!

3 & 5 Stone

3 & 5 Stone engagement rings are famous for their represented meanings. Though you can create your own meaning, they have some traditional ones. 3 stone engagement rings represent past, present, future and it also used to symbolize me, you, and us. With its romantic meaning, it is a popular choice among couples. As for the 5 stone engagement rings, they usually represent the 5 years of love you flourished together.


Flower-style engagement rings are chic, classic, and feminine at the same time. They symbolize love, passion, and innocence in the most elegant way. With their romantic and fragile look, they are perfect to represent pure love.



For an elaborate and artistic design, don’t forget to check our vintage designs. You can see Baroque and Art Deco-inspired pieces with their old-school glamour. We managed to put all different eras in our various vintage designs. They are the designs that stood the test of time. And their glory is just inexplicable.


As you all know, eternity bands are the symbol of never-ending love. Their continuous lines of diamonds connect forever. You can also choose among our unlimited gemstones to create your unbroke chain in a special way. 

Dual Diamonds

These two equal diamonds will represent you and your significant other! Dual diamonds are on-trend and great for couples who want to combine modern with classic. You can also find unique cuts and sizes to create your perfect fit!

Channel Setting

This setting also has their small diamonds on their band just like the pavé setting. However, instead of setting those small stones on the bands, designers create a groove. You can find this setting in our exclusive designs. It will create the most elegant look!

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