An engagement is one of the happiest and most celebratory events in one’s life. The celebration of this beautiful moment starts with a beautiful ring. We all want to choose the best ring for ourselves to symbolize this joyful occasion and keep its memory alive. There are many beautiful styles of engagement rings out there and it’s possible to even find their combinations. Modern or traditional, simple or showy, there are no rules. Whichever of the ring styles suits you the best, you’re free to celebrate your engagement with it as long as it strikes you in terms of how it looks and feels.

These styles may differ a lot from each other but they can be typically divided into two main types: Diamond Solitaires and all the other styles. Keep reading with us and find out the most commonly preferred options down below and decide which style appeals to you the most. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, keep in mind that it’s always possible to find more options and even customize your own dream engagement ring.

Diamond Solitaires

The elegant beauty of the iconic diamond solitaire is unquestionable. The sparkling diamond sitting atop a metal band puts on a show effortlessly and draws the eyes on it easily. A diamond solitaire is also your safe card to play if you’re after a surprise proposal.

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

A classic diamond solitaire is the most traditional engagement ring. Its beauty is timeless so it is certain that it will never fall out of fashion.

Design Solitaire 

Design solitaires are the versions of classic solitaires with a more modern twist. If you’re fond of single diamonds sitting atop a ring but also want a ring beyond classic, the design solitaires could be a great choice for you.

Tension Solitaire

Tension Engagement Ring

Tension settings involve a little visual game. Stuck between the two halves of the metal, the diamond of this ring appears suspended in the air as it isn’t covered underneath.

Other Beautiful Styles

Pavé Engagement Ring

Pavé Engagement Ring

Pave setting engagement rings may or may not count as solitaires as they also have a centerpiece sitting atop the entire ring. However, what differs them from a classic solitaire is their glistening tiny diamonds beautifully embedded into the ring’s metal.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

side stone engagement ring

A popular alternative to solitaires for those who like to have a little more sparkle to complement the centerpiece of their ring. The stones may or may not be diamonds according to demand.

Big Stone Engagement Ring

big stone engagement ring

Big Stone engagement rings are… well, BIG! There’s no limit to how big the diamond can be. As long as you have the budget, your big diamond engagement ring can be as glitzy as you want.

Halo Engagement Rings

halo engagement ring

Halo Engagement rings are one of the most popular these days. The stones surrounding the centerpiece in the shape of a halo reflect the light onto the center diamond creating even more shimmer.

Flower Engagement Rings

flower engagement ring

These nature-inspired patterns use smaller diamonds to form the shape of a flower around the center diamond. Flower engagement rings vary in their designs and are the dream choice for those who appreciate a design that will stand out from the rest.

Two-Stone Engagement Rings

two stone engagement ring

One of the biggest trends lately, the Two-Stoned style has stolen many hearts including ours. These beautiful double-diamond rings may come with diamonds of the same size or not but either way, they are certain to double the glamour.

3 & 5 Stones Engagement Rings

5 stone engagement ringthree stone engagement ring

This amount of charisma is difficult to compete with. Three or five stoned engagement rings will mostly come with 2 or 4 stones of the same size on each side of the bigger center diamond, though this is not the norm and all the designs of these generous styles appeal to the eye on another level of aesthetics.

Eternity Engagement Rings

eternity engagement ring

Rings that are completely covered in diamonds of the same size aren’t a dream. Eternity rings are embellished with sweet little diamonds that go AAALLLLLL the way around their band.

Lovely Engagement Rings

Diamond Heart Engagement Ring

These beautiful rings are adorned with figures of hearts and will warm the heart of anyone who sees them. These rare designs are filled with love.

Swirl Engagement Rings

Swirl or Swing Engagement Rings are modernly whimsical and appear to be flowing. This style tends to braid or twist the ring band. Because they involve a sense of movement, they differ from the other styles of engagement rings.

Open Engagement Rings

Diamond Open Ring

Open engagement rings draw a lot of attention with their minimalistic yet chic designs. This modern style is unique in terms of defying the traditional ring form.

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