Engagement rings are very expensive! With that set aside, without having the pocket money to buy one immediately, you have to save for the occasion.

Now, saving money is very hard especially with online shopping, it’s almost impossible. However, we will give some tips on saving up for good jewellery pieces, not only engagement rings!

We are not financial advisors by any means, but we can give some advice on simple everyday steps.

So, take out your own piggy bank, dust if off, because soon enough, you will have to break it!

Plan the proposal date

With knowing the date of your proposal, dividing the daily savings for the ring becomes easy. You can plan it for two years ahead, so in those two years, set aside anything you can set.

At first, you can fail a couple of times by spending some money, but it will get easier. Picture your savings bank account full and start working towards this goal.

Once you see some progress, then you’ll act even more serious.

It’s like going to the gym!

Have the big picture open in front of you

When you start saving for the ring, it won’t stop there. First, it will be the ring, then it’s going to be the wedding, the honeymoon, you mostly likely will buy a house, not to mention kids, etc.

Don’t stress, since this list is going to happen with time. Furthermore, our point is to always have this safety financial net under you at all times. 

Life is very unpredictable and a lot of things can go wrong. 

So, when you buy the ring and propose, continue saving up and these efforts will pay you back greatly. 

Check your paying options

Engagement rings can not only be paid via cash or debit card. You can make payments via bank loans or credit cards. 

But, the most important thing when using such methods is checking in detail what plans you’re going to sign up for. Furthermore, choose the best one and consult with multiple financial specialists, as you shouldn’t go overboard.

Different payments can go with various terms and conditions plus additional fees and costs.

Furthermore, not many people know this, but choosing the right bank plan can save you loads of headaches and worry.

Ask jewellery specialists

If you second guess your choices of jewellery, ask some experts in the industry. They can give you advice on buying good pieces on reasonable prices.

Furthermore, if you need guides on jewellery buying, check out ours here.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding buying good pieces, so pick your sources carefully and buy mindfully.

This is it. Nothing more. Just be careful and invest your money in something worthwhile.

Set a budget straight

We leave the best for last and this advice must ring in your head all the time. Set a strict budget!

Don’t go over it and don’t risk going bankrupt. 

At the start of your saving, make up a budget and whenever you shop, set that price in the filters of the website or offline in the shop.

Most importantly, don’t let the salesmen lure in with something very expensive. Undoubtedly, you will leave with a ring and an empty bank account. Not a good look for the future. 

Consider the jewellery’s policies

Is there a warranty and a service plan to the ring? If not, you better back off. 

Always pick up a ring with these two options included, otherwise if something goes off, you have to spend good money.

And, another tip is to really think of your partner’s taste and size, so the purchase can be a success.

Some tips on finding size can be found in our “Find Her Ring Size in Secret | Tips and Tricks on getting the surprise engagement right”.

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