Over the decades, many things have changed when it comes to technology, life, politics, manners, infrastructure, etc. However, one thing still remains to this day and it is engagements and weddings.

Even in modern days, there are people who still believe in the marriage institution. Thus, men stress out about the ring and the women stress out about….everything else. Mostly the dress in many cases.

As a jewellery brand, we are going to take a little trip to the last 100 years of engagement rings development.

1.The beginning of the 20th century

These times were characterised by the Edwardian engagement rings which had very intricate craftsmanship with lace-like bands. Usually there were symbols like heart, doves, hands. Furthermore, jewelers started using platinum for the diamond rings, and to this day platinum is still a popular metal.

Such expensive materials came into use as society gained a good standard of living. Thus, they could afford good quality jewellery and crafting at its finest.

2. The 1920-1940 period

This period is the Art Deco one in any part of life imaginable. Furthermore, this style is known for very geometrical and harsh lines, focusing on many tiny gemstones. Art Deco continued to be modern throughout the 30s, as well. However, since the Depression came, jewellery became a thing of the rich. During this tough period, engagement rings became simple and brought the centerpiece gemstone with a halo setting.

Certainly, this period in history was one of many emotions and tragedies, but people always found a way through beautiful jewels.

3. The 1940-1960 period

Have you heard of the slogan “Diamonds are forever!”? Well the aforementioned period is the birthplace of this iconic phrase. Originally it came from a jewelry brand “De Beers” ad. This ad skyrocketed the diamonds phase in America. Thus women started buying them because they were much affordable then. 

Additionally, diamond rings became a symbol of a strong and healthy marriage due to this durability of the stone. 

Also, World War II changed the design and metals used when crafting. The jewellery industry started making rings out of gold and rose gold. Additionally, the design became more delicate and feminine. Suddenly, the sharp edges of Art Deco vanished into thin air just like that and braid elements replaced them.

4. The 1960-1980 period

This period brought platinum and massive stones back into the game! No kidding! By this time around, celebrities started showing their engagement rings like Jackie Kennedy or Elizabeth Taylor with her 35-carat diamond ring. Also, emeralds became a new trendy stone, thanks to Mrs Kennedy and her engagement ring.

Stone cuts that made it to the spotlight were the emerald and princess cut introduced around this time.

In short, we can safely say that the 1960-1980 period was one of the most fabulous moments in history.

5. The 1980-2000 period

This one can be referred to as the “Princess Diana engagement ring” period in the jewellery industry. Surely, the whole world exploded when they saw the beautiful floral-shaped blue sapphire ring. So, everyone wanted to have that exact cut and stones. Furthermore, the cut and stone variety started to grow and people saw the beauty in coloured stones. Ovals and pearls shaped rings dominated the center stage with marquise-cut diamonds that followed later.

Then, in 2000 the Internet shapeshifted jewellery shopping, so women started seeking out ideas and customized jewellery from online shops.

Did we mention that platinum and  gold bands were once again modern? Yes, that happened, as well.

6. The 2000- till now period

Now, we come back to modern days where trends are merely present and people choose whatever they desire. The Internet replaced almost everything, thus it offers a lot more to jewellery than ever before. Of course, people still love the vintage styles we mentioned, alongside modern ones. Yet, experts point that the most popular engagement ring style is a cushion-cut diamond with a halo. Back in 2010 when William and Kate got married, the Diana ring came to fashion once again and stores started crafting replicas. 

We guess it’s true, isn’t it? Fashion comes and goes but style never goes out. Cliche as it is, when we look back, we actually love these trends. 

Furthermore, our rings vary from all shapes and sizes, from traditional to modern, etc. Thus, you can go to our website and choose what best suits you.

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