As we deep dive into 2020, we can’t stop talking about some of the trendiest engagement rings for this year. Even in times of pandemic, couples are not giving up their engagements and weddings. So, our team of experts at GLAMIRA are working towards bringing you the best options every day.

Some of the examples that we’re going to show you are classic models or modern ones. Whatever your heart desires, it will mostly likely be the right choice.

And without further ado, let’s get right into our suggestions by the GLAMIRA experts.

GLAMIRA Ring Primula 1.25 crt

This ring is quite classic, but with very modern touches to its band. The diamond lays perfectly in a “round” shape within the ring and down the band, you can see the metal bending in heart shapes. 

The metal is white gold which makes it even more precious, and probably one of the most iconic pieces in the “Design Solitaire” collection.

This one is just perfect for women who love classic engagement rings, but with a modern twist to it.

Moreover, it sits comfortably on the finger, and it doesn’t get in your way on your daily activities.

In order to see this product and more, visit its page and check it out.

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GLAMIRA Ring Noelia Total Carat 4.9 crt

This one holds a beautiful Swarovski crystal and white sapphire with a white gold band. The shape of the main stone is “Baguette” and a “Princess” shape to the sapphire. The design is very industrial, very bold, and quite unique for an engagement ring. It’s also very specific, so you better be sure about your partner’s taste. 

However, you know that our Glamira team doesn’t go only for the traditional. We love a bit of twist for any occasion.

The ring itself consists of two bands that are connected by small rectangle details, so you don’t just get one band, but two!

It’s a wonderful way to say “I love you” in a very non-traditional way.

If you’re interested in this model, visit its product page on our website now.

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GLAMIRA Ring Xenia 0.64 crt

The “Xenia” ring has a “Baguette” shape to its Swarovski crystal with a white gold band. It’s quite simple, but it looks almost futuristic. This piece of jewellery is perfect for the start of this decade. It holds clarity and hopes for a brighter future with your partner, starting from 2020.

Gorgeous and constructed to fit any style and taste, “Xenia” is a wonderful ring that deserves the “I do”.

If you’re ready to pop the question, then visit its product page on our website now.

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GLAMIRA Ring Lindsey 0.5 crt

With its round “Swarovski” stone and white gold band, the “Lindsey” ring is an elegant, simple, but very modern ring.

Moreover, it screams femininity, romance, and it fits perfectly the new decade we’re going in. Even though it’s a man-made stone, the Swarovski collection is what the modern woman usually goes after. 

If the woman you love appreciates art in the form of jewellery, then she will absolutely fall in love with “Lindsey”.

Isn’t she lovely?

If you fell in love with this ring, then visit its product page and check out the rest of our models.

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GLAMIRA Ring Neta Total Carat 0.89 crt

Another gorgeous best seller in our collections is “Neta”. This ring is stunning from its round ruby and white sapphire stones to its platinum band.

Neta is fierce and almost royal-like in her looks. This ring portrays an aura of history, filled ballrooms filled with swaying gowns. So, whenever your lady wears it, she will feel even more gorgeous with the red ruby enhancing her beauty.

For more information on the product, visit its page and browse more on the Glamira website.

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GLAMIRA Ring Erica Total Carat 1.238 crt

The “Erica” ring has a heart shaped “white sapphire” stone with little “Swarovski” stones, and a white gold band. This one reflects purity, love, and a promise made forever. This design screams 2020 to its full extent. Surely, the shape is very common, but a heart-shaped stone is so sweet and wonderful.

It’s the perfect solution when you’re banging your head against the wall in the jewellery shop.

If you fancy doing a little shopping, then visit the product’s page right now.

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GLAMIRA Ring Daffney Total Carat 0.94 crt

A sapphire center stone and an accent diamond are winners just without looking at the ring. Can you imagine getting a white gold ring topped up with some of the finest stones? It’s not that hard with Glamira. You can order one from your armchair while watching the telly. 

“Daffney” is one ring that has little diamonds climbing up and hugging the center sapphire in a loving hug. Moreover, this blue color is the color for 2020 according to Pantone. 

Convinced, yet? If the answer is yes, then head over to the ring’s page on our website. For more models, check out the rest of our categories.

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GLAMIRA Ring Mylenda Total Carat 1.66 crt

Emeralds are one of our favorite stones for all types of jewellery. With their bright green hues, they go together with everything and shine the most. This ring has a center emerald and white sapphire accent stones.  The band is white gold and it reflects the colors and moods of 2020 perfectly. 

“Mylenda” is one of those rings that will glow in all its glory on your beloved’s finger. 

It’s perfect for popping the big question this instant.

To view this beautiful ring, then go to its product page where you can go through endless other models.

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GLAMIRA Ring Linderoth 0.16 crt

Again, we follow the trend of white gold band and diamond stone. This ring is as simple as you get with engagement rings, but it’s timeless.

With this new decade in motion, a simple engagement ring might be the right decision for a lockdown proposal.

Also, this one is more on the budget side, so you don’t have to spend loads on a perfectly beautiful ring.

In order to buy this product, then visit the product page and check other similar models, as well.

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GLAMIRA Ring Fleta Total Carat 1.03 crt

This one is the top bestseller from our store and it has many reasons to be. “Fleta” has white gold band with a center pear-shaped white sapphire and accent diamonds in a halo. This ring is something that you have probably seen in movies or on the red carpet. A fabulous design that will make heads turn regardless, where she will wear it.

If you love it like we do, then buy it from here or browse the rest of similarly gorgeous models today.

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And with that, we conclude this article. It’s a bit longer, but we hope we helped on the road of picking out engagement rings. 

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