Amethyst, which has a unique color from nature’s magnificent color scale, has a distinct place in the jewelry world. Having inspired many magnificent jewelry designs, these stones offer a different alternative for those seeking healing. We have focused on the world of these semi-precious stones that belong to the quartz mineral family and compiled everything you need to know about them.

The ancients used it as a medicine

Bottle with Amethyts gemstone

In the past it was believed that this stone protected from drunkenness and poisoning! It was also used in Middle Ages to solve sleep problems and open up the mind, but it is still said to be effective for health problems such as addiction, headache and sleep problems. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the ancients knew what they were talking about.

Its color is like wine

Amethyst color

Amethyst varies in color from red to purple. With this feature, it is not wrong to say that it has all shades of red wine. It’s not a coincidence that its name comes from wine. But there’s no alcohol in it! The Greek word “Amethystos” means “not drunk” , while “methy” means wine. If we combine the meanings, we can say that it is like a wine that does not get you drunk…

They are found in many parts of the world

Amethyst gemstone on map

Amethyst stones are widely available worldwide including USA, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Africa, Italy, Germany and Russia.

February Birth Stone

Astrology Birth Chart

The amethyst, known as the birthstone of February, is known as the stone of Aquarius and Pisces. If you consider yourself a good gift-giver and a February girl’s birthday is close, then look no further. An amethyst jewelry piece is definitely the best choice for you.

Mostly used in jewelry industry

Amethyst Pendant

Because of the positive energy it emits, you can keep the amethyst in a corner of your home as a natural ornament and healing source without any processing. If you want to carry it as an accessory, a wide range of alternatives can be found:

How about using the powerful influence of amethyst to express your love to her? How many women can say no to a marriage proposal with an amethyst engagement ring?

Amethyst Ring

Perhaps you want to remind your partner how important she is to you by giving her a  gift. Then there is no better alternative than an amethyst ring, which represents love and happiness!

Amethyst Brooch

An amethyst brooch to complement your office elegance wouldn’t be bad either! It will be good for you to reflect the positive energy of purple to your business…

Amethyst Pendant

You can become the star of the night by completing your night outfit with amethyst necklaces!

Amethyst Cufflink

Gentlemen who seek a different touch to their style, you can add a unique detail to your suits with a piece from the amethyst cufflink collection that offers different alternatives.

Amethyst Earrings

Perhaps the glamorous glow of purple should accompany your smile! For this, amethyst earrings can give you a different look!

Moreover, you can choose a color, metal and other stone combinations for a jewel by and you can customize your jewelry according to your own taste…

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