Evil Eye has been believed to be an amulet against any negativity and bad luck. Regardless of the culture, the Evil Eye maintained its place nearly in every belief system with its magnetic story. This magnetic story represents the strong protection coming with the amulet. It has been said that wearing, or carrying the Evil Eye with you, transfers the negativity surrounding your aura to the amulet. This transferring process neutralizes your energy and by doing so, boosts and refreshes your mood as well. 

GLAMIRA’s groundbreaker collection design team blended the story of Evil Eye with their unique designs. The way they synthesized gems and Evil Eye has not only added new dimensions to the story, but also made Evil Eye more stylish than ever. We talked to our designers and gathered more information about the collection. Below you can find what you have been looking for about the captivating story of the collection, the inspiration, and more. 

The Captivating Story of Evil Eye:

The most important detail about the collection is the fact that it resonates with the ancient roots of a universal element. Our collection designers specifically signified that those mythical energy elements have gained a higher value during the global pandemic days.  It is not a brand-new idea; yet, it manages to be stylish and trending with the harmony of the idea and gems. The natural blending of the jewelry allows the pieces to appear as if they were effortlessly prepared. However, every piece of the collection still carries the effortless perfection of GLAMIRA within its nature. 

The Inspiration Behind the Collection:

As it is understood by every subdivision of the fashion industry, the number one rule of the field is to always wear what you want to wear. Regarding that, the vantage point of the collection is to adapt the concept as the way it is wearable and adaptable to anyone who is in need of reflecting back the negative energy around them. 

According to the small talk we had with our special designers, their initial desire was to create a collection designed for the edgy ones representing the bold and colorful side of the rebellious ones of the society having the ability to make what they wear trendy. There are 588 pieces in this collection. Each piece of Evil Eye has neon colors and industrial chic applications on them. The unique touch of our designers evolved the concept into something spectacular, just like every piece of jewelry designed by GLAMIRA.

What we need the most during times of despair in our lives, comes with the spectacular collection of Evil Eye from GLAMIRA! The protection, positivity, and pureness of Evil Eye, are matched with the beauty, elegance, and attractiveness of GLAMIRA’s touch. 

It is your sign to get your piece from GLAMIRA’s newest collection. Customize your amulet and take it everywhere with you. Stay glamoured and refrain from all the negativity. 


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