Each of us has unique hand shapes and fingers. Just like trying out clothes and colors to find the most flattering ones, our hands deserve special treatment. There are endless styles and options when it comes to rings. You already know much about the ring styles, settings, cuts, and gemstones. So now it’s time to investigate the hands! By knowing your hand shape, the beauty of the ring will increase exponentially. The main goal is always to accentuate all the beauty while minimizing things you don’t like. The key is to learn more and turn our disadvantages into advantages. It’s just like a magic show. So, let’s find out which ring will create that perfect match!

Short / Petite Fingers

The main goal is to make your fingers appear longer and leaner. Choose the ones that help elongate your finger. With an oval, pear, marquise, and baguette-cut, you can create an illusion of a long finger. You can also opt for emerald cut and slender, narrow-width bands. Split shank settings are also great for you. 

What to Avoid? Less is more when it comes to petite fingers. Any cuts and styles that will give our finger a squatty appearance. So, thick bands, large size diamonds, and squarish diamond cuts, like princess cuts, are on the list.

Long Fingers 

If you’re blessed with long fingers, you’re among the lucky ones. Princess and round-cut stones will be especially flattering. You can also choose wider bands and easily carry a bold/ outspoken style. Your hands will naturally add oomph, and most styles will look great on you. Also, try colored diamonds and gems.

What to Avoid? Elongated diamond shapes like emerald, marquise, and pear cut.

Slender Fingers

If you have “piano fingers”, the main consideration for you is not to overpower them. This time it is “the bigger, the better”. Smaller stones and ticker bands will help make thin fingers appear wider. You can choose round, oval and cushion cuts with pavé settings, and also with their inextinguishable fire diamonds and moissanite will be a perfect choice.

What to Avoid? Not to overload diamonds. Small diamonds with slightly wider bands will make your fingers look less slim.

Wide Fingers

The key to choosing a ring for wide fingers is not to show too much skin on either side of the ring so they won’t look even wider. You can try different styles from funky to classic to make your statement. Go for wider stones than the narrow ones with oval, marquise, or emerald cut. Slim to medium thick bands with asymmetrical designs will be a perfect fit for you. 

What to Avoid? Narrow diamonds. Large stones and cluster styles are perfect for you.

Narrow Fingers

If you have narrow fingers, you can opt for thicker band styles which will add horizontal lines to help your fingers look wider. Also, gemstones with small carats will create the illusion of a wider finger.

What to Avoid? Elongated shapes with thin bands, basically a design that will create a vertical line effect. Also, heart-shaped and round stones may not be the perfect choice for you.

Chubby Fingers

Halo-style rings with larger stones are tailor-made for you. Three stone rings will also draw attention to the ring and will help you accentuate the best features of your hand. 

What to Avoid? Smaller carat rings and thin bands will accentuate the thickness of your finger. So, it’s best to avoid them. 

Big Knuckles

Not a fan of your knuckles? So, what you need to do is to draw attention away from them. Thicker and bold bands will accentuate the ring rather than your finger. You can choose elaborate designs and three stone rings to add volume to your finger. They will create a more balanced look. 

What to Avoid? You should avoid thin bands to not make your knuckles stand out.

Large Hands

With large hands, you have the room to be creative. You can try different shapes and styles and easily get away with bulky, chunky ones. Halo-style rings and detailed bands will also suit you beautifully. 

What to Avoid? Narrow rings and overly slimmed bands. Also, delicate and minimalistic styles won’t be the best fit for you.

Small / Petite Hands

With small hands, the key is to keep the overall proportion of your ring small. You can choose round, princess, oval and heart-shaped stones. Simple solitaires, pavé settings, and delicate bands are perfect for you. 

What to Avoid? Bold statement rings and overly large size diamonds.

So, beyond the 4C’s and gemstones, now you know it all there’s to be known about the hand shapes. Keep them in mind while customizing a gorgeous ring for yourself or someone special. With your unique taste, personality, and knowledge about the subject, now you’re ready to go! 

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