One of the most exciting aspects of choosing your engagement ring is deciding on the cut. After all, it will be the ring you will wear forever, and it will represent your everlasting commitment. For you to create the diamond ring, you will fall in love with, we offer you 10 different cuts. 


It’s impossible not to be drawn to the traditional romance of round-cut diamonds. It’s timeless and classic, and its brilliant faceting creates immense sparkles. If you are known for your simple elegance, round-cut diamonds are just for you! Some of the celebrities who prefer round-cut diamond rings are Barbara Streisand, Miranda Kerr, and Emily Blunt.


The princess cut diamond is just like an upside-down pyramid! It’s square on the top, features four beveled sides, and comes in at a point. Its form is modern and contemporary with its clean lines. Being one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes, it is designed to create maximum sparkles. It combines classic with an edge and creates a chic fashion to catch all eyes! For some celebrity inspirations, check out the engagement rings of Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Biel.


The cushion cut is a combination of effortless elegance and femininity. It’s a square-rectangular cut with rounded corners and large facets to enhance the brilliance of the stone. It’s also known as “pillow-cut diamond”. Its distinctive soft shapes create a romantic appeal to its viewer. Its unique shape also creates a kaleidoscopic effect that catches all the light. Being among the oldest cuts, it’s both traditional and adventurous. This cut is the perfect blend of past, present, and future!


This elongated cut is captivating with its elegant look. If you are a creative spirit and looking for a uniquely shaped diamond, this cut is meant for you! With its oval shape, it’s also perfect to accentuate long and slender fingers. Add a special aesthetic to your engagement rings like Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, and Christina Aguilera.  


Pear-shaped diamonds are both fashionable and fun! It also hints at the unexpected nature of its wearer. Also known as “tear-shaped diamond”, it carries a sentimental feeling as well. It will add a graceful touch to your style. A little tip, though you can wear it in each way, the most common use is to turn the pointed edge towards your fingernails. This way, your fingers will look thinner, and when you look at your ring, you will see a falling teardrop that glitters. It’s the choice of Victoria Beckham and Sophie Turner. 


Now, it’s time for the most joyful and theatrical one! Its elongated shape will give an illusion of a larger size. It’s also referred to as an “eye-shaped” cut and is known for its ability to create a long and slender look for the fingers. You can carry all the glamour with this exquisite cut. This cut is also preferred by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia de Rossi. 


One of the loveliest shapes of all! It’s a sweet yet bold choice at the same time. It’s not something that you’ll see every day, and it definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. This cut emphasizes symmetry with its glittering shape. This dazzling and romantic choice is also preferred by Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. 


A splash of vintage and contemporary! This cut takes its name from the french bread with its resemblance in shape. It is a cut reminiscent of the Art Deco period and also carries modern minimalism within. Baguette-cut appears as a thin, elongated, and rectangular shape. Though it is often mixed with the emerald cut, baguette cut is generally preferred in smaller carats and also it has square corners while emerald cut has diagonal ones. Don’t forget to check it out before you decide.


This cut is for elegance and refinement. It’s flashy and exuberant and creates a sophisticated look. Its unique rectangular facets also create a unique optical appearance. It will be a dazzling showcase to reveal the true beauty of diamonds. This cut is very popular and a trend internationally. It’s also the choice of Amal Clooney, Beyoncé, and Olivia Wilde.


This shape is cut out for all modern brides! With its triangular shape, it’s a choice for the ones who are looking for an alternative. Its symmetry and proportion make it an intriguing choice. It offers excellent brilliance and an unconventional look. With its edgy look, it creates a strong and powerful appearance and also a great choice to be paired with others. 

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