Garnet, the stone that comes to mind as the glistening, fiery red stone, has been historically celebrated as the birthstone of January, as well as being associated with the Zodiac sign Capricorn. Today, garnet is still celebrated as a semi-precious stone found around the world, and surprisingly for some, it doesn’t only come in red but also in other colors like orange, green, and pink.

 garnet necklace heart shapedgarnet-necklace-yellow-gold

Keep your garnet stone close to your heart with these garnet necklaces.

This beautiful stone was named after the word for pomegranate seed “Garanatus” in Latin. This was not only because of the general understanding of how it looks but also probably because it is associated with prosperity just like pomegranate.

pieces of uncut garnet

The raw beauty of uncut garnet indeed reminds of pomegranate seeds.

The element-rich stone of garnet is believed to support the flow of energy by getting rid of blockages. This way, it creates an environment in which energy could flow freely and manifest as abundance and prosperity. The stone, therefore, is used by some in their homes in an effort to bring prosperity to their living space. Garnet’s energizing properties are also believed to support the flow of Chi in Chinese traditional medicine. This healing property is also associated with progress as a result of eliminating stagnant energy.

garnet brooch

This garnet brooch can be your elegant signature of passion.

Garnet is earthy and vibrant and it is these properties that associate it with flowing connections. This free flow of connecting energy is believed to help one connect with themselves as well as with the earth, helping them feel more grounded and connected to the present moment. This open flow, in return, is supposed to result in clear thinking and self-empowerment. Garnet’s fascinating connecting properties help one not only connect with themselves but also with others, thus, enhancing attraction.

 garnet cufflinks

These garnet handcuffs to boost your attraction.

As the words connection and prosperity conventionally connotate, Garnet is also believed to deepen passion by creating strong attractions. The kind of passion and romance associated with Garnet is strong but slow and enduring. These affectionate bonds lead to loyalty. Garnet’s relationship with love can also be seen as physical.

garnet solitaire rose goldgarnet ring yellow gold

These rings will adorn your hands with garnet.

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