Memories make us who we are. And life is full of important milestones. Moments we try hard to carry with us forever and give them life so that they can capture that moment and hold it for a very long time, like a necklace our parents gave us at our college graduation. An earring we wore on our child’s birth. We engrave these memories on our minds and pass them on, turning them into a family heirloom with countless stories. Those usually live longer than we do. But not everything is durable enough to carry them, which is why you should keep your eyes peeled for GLAMOUR Magazine’s Shopping Week issue between April 2nd and 10th. 

We are honored to announce that we will have a surprise for you in GLAMOUR Magazine’s Shopping Week issue. Don’t forget to check out,, and

One of GLAMIRA’s stand-out qualities is customizability. We offer a fully personalized experience. Our main vision is to bring your ultimate jewelry into life. Once you’ve decided on a jewelry design with the code mentioned above, you can add your own touch to make it completely yourself with 15% off. Customizability is what gives these pieces their uniqueness. They carry a part of your colorful spirit and give them a deeper meaning. With different metals from classic yellow gold to unordinary palladium and 80 different precious gemstones; ranging from precious diamonds to mesmerizing sapphires, you can create your dream jewelry. You can also engrave your pieces if you’re looking for both a meaningful and personal gift. 

So, don’t forget to chck out GLAMOUR magazine’s Shopping Week Issue and spoil yourself. Make your jewelry unique like you and your memories.  

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