It’s the scariest time of the year as the 31st of October is swiftly approaching us. We hope that you have your pumpkins all out, your costume on the hanger, and your mood ready.

Moreover, we’re also preparing to get into the Halloween mood and with that said, our team prepared some Halloween jewelry suggestions. 

Not only are they made out of unique materials, but also they’re fun and will add some color to your celebrations, for sure.

So, stop carving your pumpkins and sit down for a bit to see what wonderful suggestions we have for your next Halloween outfit.

P.S: Beware that they’re hauntingly beautiful.

GLAMIRA Pendant Mathilda

One of the “symbols” of Halloween are not only bats, but also spiders. So, this pendant is a beautiful gold one with a green amethyst and a little gold spider at the bottom right corner. 

Of course, you can choose the color of the metal or the type of stone, so it can fit the rest of your jewelry collection.

The Mathilda pendant can be paired up with a witch costume or any other more delicate one, so it can really stand out. Most of the time, costumes can be really overwhelming and can overpower any jewelry present. And we are not talking about Halloween costume jewelry.

Also, you can get a chain to go with it from us or use one of your own.

Check out Pendant Mathilda:

GLAMIRA Pendant Shelia

This fun pendant represents a pumpkin (obviously), but a fabulous one with gold and diamonds.

Of course, it can be used as an autumn accessory. However, it’s obviously meant to be a Halloween one.

And with GLAMIRA’s vast array of options, you can make it a white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold pumpkin.

Moreover, this pendant is wonderful to be paired with some comfy fall garments or to your office Halloween party.

Finally, you can pair it with our Forzentina chain or get the pendant and use whatever chain you have lying around.

Check out Pendant Shelia:

GLAMIRA Pendant Carri

All witches get around because the Carri pendant is what you have been looking for this holiday season.

Again, like most of the pendants we have shown so far, it’s made from gold and has little diamonds. 

Furthermore, it represents small pumpkins on top of a witch’s hat and it can be a great addition to your themed jewelry collection.

 If you want to take a look at this wondrous piece then visit the link below.

Check out Pendant Carri:

GLAMIRA Pendant Dalene

As we started with a spider-themed jewelry piece, we finished with another one. The Dalene pendant is a wonderful little spider with a precious stone for a body and it’s made out of gold.

On one hand, it will look great with a Halloween costume, and on the other hand, it can suit your good mood anyday.

See it for yourself up and close from the link down below.

Check out Pendant Dalene:

In conclusion, we hope that you found something that speaks to you this Halloween. And we highly encourage you to comment or send your photos on our Facebook page of your costumes this year.

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