October is the month of horror, magic, pumpkins, and costumes. It is finally the spooky season! Halloween comes with vampire teeth, werewolf eyes, loads of apples and pumpkin, riding a witch’s broom. It is the time of year where people can dress up in different costumes and eat as much candy as they can eat.

Yet, Halloween’s origin dates almost 2,000 years back. It is originally a Samhain festival celebrated by Ancient Celts who believed that the curtain between the living and the dead would lift on the night of October 31, and the ghosts from beyond would spread. Ancient Celts were deeply close to nature. The dead, coming back to earth for the night meant that predictions would be clearer. They celebrated this by wearing costumes of animal heads and skin

As you can see, dressing up is an important part of Halloween. It’s a tradition to put on a spooky costume and walk around the town for candy or throw a freaky party. It’s a time that everyone enjoys. And whether you are dressed up as a pretty ballerina or a creepy dead bride, jewelry is what makes a costume complete. And for all you witches out there, it is the most perfect way to have your crystals with you to obtain your magic.

Our Haunted & Elegant Picks

An earring is essential to any outfit but for a Halloween costume, it is mandatory! Earring Nedezhda is our pick, for a spooky companion to your costume. Ruby gemstone, provides spiritual protection and plays the part of a statement piece. On the other hand, Ring Sofi has a more minimalist but powerful feel to it. Unlike the earring, this ring is a joker piece to add to your outfit in any colored gemstone you prefer. With sapphire, you can have celestial hope and wisdom with you at all times. Or with peridot, which Romans called “Emerald of the Evening”, you can feel the flow of love.

Bracelet Wynter would be for the more elegant, yet again, spooky choices. In amethyst for angels and onyx for vampire queens. Either way, it will make you feel like royalty. Necklace Tumerk is the perfect choice for a more elegant amulet to keep you safe from any spell during the night. After all, it’s a night of living dead souls. With its angelic design, this necklace will make a great contrast to this frightful night.

Halloween may come once a year only but these pieces of jewelry will stay throughout the year to make you feel like you are that powerful queen, elegant ballerina or magical witch, and even more. To find more jewelry for your aesthetic on Halloween or a daily basis, check out our website. You won’t be disappointed.

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