The day the peasants celebrated at the end of the harvest on October 31 was somehow transformed into an international festival, celebrated each year. It has turned into a special and interesting carnival where unique costumes and concepts compete with each other and the limits of creativity are challenged. What’s wrong with having some fun anyway?

This feast of death was always celebrated on the October 31st, because the crop was stopped and nature -so to speak- died with the onset of autumn. It was believed that the dead returned to the world on this night and the veil between the dead and the living people was lifted. Over time, people began to believe that they would ward off evil spirits when they wore ghastly costumes or hung spooky items on the front door. Witches were also believed, and various ways were tried to scare them. The horror theme has never changed until today, although it is celebrated only for fun now. Creatures such as a black cat, bat, spider and owl, which are believed to be sinister, also have their share in that feast day. 

If you decided to go to the Halloween party, you can create your own costume at home or leave it to the professionals and visit the nearest costume store. What about halloween accessories? Although it depends on the concept, it is undoubtedly the best complement to an outfit. No matter if you have an owl necklace; a snake necklace; a spider ring; a snake ring or a bat bracelet, maybe you will not be the prince or the princess of the night, but you can be the scariest person of all time! What did Franklin Roosevelt say? “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Then it’s time to overcome your fears!

There are very few companies in the world that design jewelry to suit almost any concept. One of them, GLAMIRA, will not leave you alone on Halloween like on every other special day! Look at the Halloween jewelry styles, whether silver or gold. They are unique designs that you will not find anywhere else! Don’t you think it’s worth taking a look at?

Moreover, you can decide whether the jewelry you want is gold, silver or platinum, you can choose the stone and the size and create your own individual jewelry. Even with a Halloween discount applied on many products. We wish you a lot of fun and ‘fearful’ moments already!

If you want to complete your concept with bat figures, that jewel will be a good choice. For this product there is an extra 10% off, only for Halloween! :

Flame Pendant Calista

Glamira - Flame Pendant Calista

For the owl lovers GLAMIRA always offers some jewelry models:

Bracelet Linnea

Glamira - Bracelet Linnea

If you want to beautify your Halloween look with snake motifs or, on the contrary, make it worse, these products will fulfill your wish:

Pendant Serpiente

Glamira - Pendant Serpiente

Diamonds Ring Esme

Glamira - Diamonds Ring Esme

Do you want to scare others? How about spiders? Then you can choose one of these jewels:

Bracelet Prilika

Glamira - Bracelet Prilika

Earring Nedezhda

Glamira - Earring Nedezhda

If you feel incomplete on Halloween night without a solitaire ring, this ring will meet your expectation:

Ring Naima

Glamira - Ring Naima

For sparkly cat women, GLAMIRA also has many different kinds of jewelery:

Ring Ventos

Glamira - Ring Ventos

For the elegance of men, GLAMIRA offers again a great variety of jewelry also on Halloween:

Ring Wulfgar

Glamira - Ring Wulfgar

Men’s Earring Konsta

Glamira - Men's Earring Konsta

GLAMIRA did not forget the kids on Halloween. Here are just a few examples of kids jewelry that they would like to wear:

Kids Birdie

Glamira - Kids Birdie

Kids Neith

Glamira - Kids Neith

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