Netflix’s The Witcher took the internet by storm. Adapted from Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, The Witcher made an impressive entrance to the fantasy TV series genre with its unique storytelling style and brilliantly written characters. Each with unique powers, backgrounds, and personalities, The Witcher universe features some of the most memorable fantasy characters ever seen on the screen. Every character has a distinct voice and each one gets their moments to shine…Like a gemstone! 

We can’t help but see the hidden gem in all these beloved mutants, sorceresses, queens and so on. Let’s take a look.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

An ambitious and terrifyingly strong sorceress, Yennefer, had to make sacrifices for her unmatched powers. In fact, she was a hidden gem all her life. Until her extraordinary magical powers were discovered and processed by skillful hands, she was not so “special”. Just like a diamond! A diamond becomes a diamond after a very long time and intense amounts of pressure. That’s why they are so rare and so strong. Yennefer is a black diamond. She is as strong and as unique as a diamond but also has a pinch of darkness.

Black Diamond RingBlack Diamond


Cirilla is a noble princess, always adored and protected. On the outside, she looks delicate as a flower, but looks can be deceiving since she possesses an extraordinary and mysterious power yet to be discovered. One can say she is strong as a diamond. However, strength is not the only thing a diamond and Princess Ciri have in common. They are also extremely unique. She is not an ordinary diamond though -as if there was such a thing! She is a once in a million kind of diamond, given her abilities.

Diamond Necklace Diamond

Geralt of Rivia

The legendary White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken or to put it simply, the Witcher. He is a mutant, perfected to hunt monsters, but he is much more than a monster hunter. He possesses the wisdom of the ancient Witcher school. Despite his ruthless profession, he has a very deep connection with spirituality. The perfect balance between the wild and the wise. Just like sapphire. In Geralt’s case, a white one.

Sapphire EarringsWhite Sapphire

Tissaia de Vries

The rectoress of Aretuza, both a powerful sorceress and a great teacher, Tissaia is one of the most influential characters of the series. She mastered the art of magic, the ancient and mysterious art of balancing the chaos and order. Her students -or “piglets”- work as advisors for the kings of the most powerful kingdoms. Her presence is quite dominant among royal families of the Continent. Just like emerald in history. Also, she always dresses in green, looking like a shiny piece of emerald.

Emerald NecklaceEmerald

Queen Calanthe

The Lioness of Cintra, brave queen Calanthe is true to her name. She becomes a lion when it comes to protecting her kingdom and family. Also loyal to her ancestors’ traditions, Queen Calanthe has a rebellious side too. She has a burning passion, for her kingdom, family and other things yet to be revealed. This burning passion reminds of only one thing: fire opal.

Fire Opal EarringsFire Opal

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