As weddings get postponed to “no one knows when” and as some couples decide to have their full blown wedding one day, others can’t wait. That’s perfectly fine!

Of course, this ceremony has to be held in a remote fashion. But as long as you have all your favorite people and a celebrant, it’s all fine.

Mostly, think about that day when your grandkids will tell the story of their grandparents getting married on a video call. What a time to be alive!

If you are getting as excited as we are, then hop on the celebration wagon and get this article going.

Save the date folks!

Celebrate legally

Apparently, there are freelance celebrants that do ceremonies in times of lockdown. (what kind of undiscovered gem this is!). So, try to get your marriage license beforehand and then book your video call ceremony.

Gather your guests and everyone say cheers to the new family in town!

It’s not as glamorous but it makes it. Right now every decision is in your hands. So, either make lemonade out of those lemons or let them make you miserable.

After all, at the end of the day love overcomes even a home wedding, right?

Use that dress

You already bought an expensive dress and it is just sitting there in your wardrobe..waiting. So, why not put it on and then do your makeup with your girls online? You can even put funny masks with animal prints on or put nail varnish on your nails. 

Do what you would normally do before the wedding in a beauty salon. 

Also, the groom can do that in a separate room with his boys: just crack a bottle of good alcohol and play some FIFA or some online game.

Eat up!

With love come great amounts of food and you can enjoy a wedding feast at home! Go on a takeaway website and order food for you and your guests at their homes. Put some bottles to the meals and sit together on video chat. Then, start remembering old times and laugh as a new period of your life starts in an extraordinary year.

In sickness and in health…

You know how it continues. Sit down and write your deepest feelings to your partner. Then, exchange your vows and read them out loud. Be bold and don’t be scared to express. 

In times like this, you should be holding onto each other and accept life whatever it is. You know that we celebrate and cherish love, so it’s very important to highlight this.

Take photos

Capture this day! If you have an instant photo camera then fill it up with film! There is no better time than this to start a scrapbook. So, pop the photos in a notebook and write what you feel. 

And this is where we stop. Quarantine has maybe taken some of our most anticipated events away, but we are healthy! This is a blessing that should not be taken lightly. In the long run, whatever you do for your wedding, remember to stay safe.

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