Sometimes in life, we tend to hold on to things just for the sake of it. And by doing so, we often miss the opportunity to recycle or make jewellery from old jewellery.

Honestly, open up your jewellery box right now and browse through some of your pieces- did you forget some of them? We thought so.

So, why don’t you ask yourself the following questions and decide if it’s time to rethink your old purchases.

You can do loads of things from selling it to recycling or gifting it to someone else. Even melting it down to some other jewellery is a good option.

How do you feel when you’re looking at it?

This is quite a Marie Kondo method, but it’s not something weird when you think about it. It’s a simple question- do you feel joy when you look at those old ruby earrings? If you don’t have any emotion, then it’s best to reconsider them.

Firstly, you can recycle them, donate to charity or sell them via a website like Amazon or Ebay. Moreover, you can ask around if someone close or a relative would like them.

If you’re interested in the aforementioned method, then you can watch the Marie Kondo documentary on Netflix.

Does it seem accurate to your style?

With time people’s style changes and probably so has yours throughout the years. So, the clothes and jewellery you got in 2010, they may not suit the current you right now.

We get that most fancy jewellery is kept for special occasions, but if there is dust on yours, it’s not a good look.

Whilst a jewellery design style may be timeless, other styles could be temporarily fashionable.

Now, it’s only natural to fall out of love with items in your wardrobe. However, when you do feel like that, reconsider throwing jewellery away. It was a big investment after all.

When is the last time you have worn it?

If you don’t remember the last time you wore a bracelet or a necklace, then it’s best to replace it. As we mentioned before, keeping jewellery in the box can be damaging to it. When you don’t care about your pieces and don’t maintain them, they can tarnish if they’re not gold. Still, you can find the best way to clean tarnished jewellery throughout the internet.

Would you like the same jewellery but different?

Sometimes we have jewellery that we like in terms of metal and stone quality, but not this exact design.

If you have some extra money laying around, then it’s a good idea to upgrade your old jewellery. Change up the stone color or add more elements to it, whatever suits your current taste and style.

And with this, our article comes to a close. We hope you found your answers within these questions. 

And if you’re on the verge of changing up your jewellery collection, then don’t hesitate to fill it with some new pieces. 
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