If you were born in frosty January then your stone is vitreous Garnet! With its dark, fiery red and strong, distinctive look it is truly special. It has written its name to the history pages with beliefs and lore. Let’s examine this outstanding gemstone! 

Garnet is from an important class of minerals that makes up to 90 percent of the Earth’s crust. It is mainly found in Africa, India, Russia and Brazil. It is actually a very old gemstone that has been used since the Bronze Age.  

Is it a durable gemstone?

Garnet is a durable gemstone! In the latest discoveries, a garnet necklace was found on a young man in a grave that dates back to 3000 B.C. So, it is also a great choice for a family heirloom, maybe you can even add a secret engraving on it! After all, it definitely will outlive us. 

Its historical use & symbolism…

In the Latin Antique Roman, garnet was frequently used to decorate the arms because it was thought to represent knightly virtues. Plato chose garnet to engrave his portrait on. In Bohemia now a part of Czechoslovakia you can see castles and churches magnificently decorated with garnets. 

It was also an ancient symbol of friendship. Garnets were used to be exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection for each other and to ensure that they will meet again. In Greek mythology it was given to a departed lover for a speedy return.

This strikingly beautiful stone is the traditional gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary. With its energy of passion, creativity, and joy it will really pop with diamonds and on white-colored metals. And, you can also create a warm and outstanding look by choosing rose gold. In Glamira we use the top ++ quality garnets to ornament your jewelry. Would you like to discover more garnet jewelry?



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