Alongside any big purchases like houses and cars, buying expensive jewellery must be done right! 

You may wonder how exactly can one buy jewellery right without being an expert? It’s not that hard, darling!

Just don’t make sporadic purchases that cost thousands of dollars, because you might feel guilty or tempted to return it.

So, grab a cold frappe, sit down and read our prepositions for the best ways of getting jewellery that lasts forever.

Treat yo self

Whenever you get a raise or a bonus, why not put it aside and save some more on top of it. We don’t recommend buying jewellery on the loop, but buying some jewellery that you have selected and will love.

Furthermore, check where each piece is mined from and if it has certificates. Always, always try to get a jewellery enthusiast alongside on the journey.

Choose small

Whenever we talk about quality jewellery brands like Tiffany and Co. come up to mind. However, most of the pieces are not actually real. It is a common practice for big brands to manufacture jewellery in labs. 

As creating stones in laboratories became a famous practice, the Diamond Producers Association fashioned out an initiative by the name “Real is rare”. The campaign is basically a call to people to really investigate what they buy.

So, why do you pay so much money at big high street stores?

Well, you pay for branding and for the brand patent itself.

In short, next time when you are window shopping on the high street, pay a closer look to jewellery boutiques.


When we say jewellery auctions, you might think about Christie’s, Bonhams, Sotheby’s, etc. Usually big collectors and brands go there and auction off vintage and extremely expensive jewellery. Such events happen throughout November and December. However, as Christmas approaches, auctions become less and less attractive for brands, and you can get some decent prices on them.

It’s all about timing!

Gemology Institute of America Approved

With good quality jewellery, there comes little things known as certificates. The GIA issues such as the quality, grade and origin of the stones. The latter is extremely important as it highlights the mines where stones come from. Additionally, some places around the world increase the value of the stones, but also they can be harmful to the miners. So, such documents provide clarity on how you actually acquire your jewellery.

On the other hand, certificates have a date and outdated ones are not right. If you receive a 10-year old GIA certificate, don’t get it.

Don’t underestimate the receiver’s lifestyle

And last but not least, when you’re buying for someone, remind yourself what they do in the days. Are they doing sports? Are they attending multiple black tie events? Do they even own jewellery or wear one?

If you can’t think of an answer to the last question, you better think twice about buying jewellery.

However, the previous questions can really outline the type of pieces to buy.

And these are some tips on buying jewellery which cost nothing, but they will earn you a lot.

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