From benefits such as boosting your confidence or just making you happy, jewellery impacts people’s lives in many ways.

However, you would have probably never guessed that metals like silver and gold improve physical health.

So, not only you can look good, but also your body will thank you for it.

However, don’t neglect a good diet and some form of exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Silver jewellery

Silver is one metal that has been a must-have for centuries and people believe in its powers.

It is a healing metal that combats any type of cold or infection that might be going on.

Silvers also help out with balancing body temperature, mood swings, and improve the immune system.

It’s not magic though since silver has properties that meddle into the electrical structures of the body with its positively charged ions. These ions come together with the negative ones from bacteria and fight it off.

So, silver acquires an environment for sterilization and removing types of bacteria.

This is the reason why most medical equipment has silver parts. Also, the little earrings that you wear after getting your ears pierced are made out of silver. 

Another really interesting fact is that the metal serves a purpose of detecting harmful substances or mineral deficiencies in your body. 

Let’s say you wear a bracelet and suddenly you see it turn a certain color. The discoloration serves a purpose of detecting these deficiencies.

Another benefit that silver has is taking away the bad signals that electronics have for the body. So, some workers tend to wear silver in order to prevent themselves from getting in touch with the electronics.

Anxiety jewellery

So, not only does silver fight off the bad bacteria and keeps us healthy, but it keeps us calm.

There is a type of jewellery called “spinning rings” that have a band that spins around the finger. Also, they are very similar to fidget spinners but better and classier. 

And although silver has all of those fantastic benefits, there are people who are allergic to the metal. Furthermore, the reaction can result in skin rash, flaking, discoloration, etc.

Of course, you can try avoiding it by placing a clear coat of nail polish on it. This way there is going to be a barrier between the metal tarnishing and your skin.

In short, take care of your silver, get as much silver jewellery as possible to double the positive effects, and enjoy it.

Golden jewellery

This type of jewellery has much the same benefits to it: easier blood circulation, healing of wounds and infections, balancing body temperature, helping new cells grow, etc.

Moreover, gold is famous for its relaxing qualities and arthritis healing powers.

Its relaxing qualities come forward thanks to its rich luster and it can really enhance your mood and spirit.

And arthritis can be improved by the sheer aspect of the muscle healing effect that gold has on the body.

Furthermore, even if you don’t have any problems with your body or nerves, gold is always a stylish option for jewellery.

Important: we forgot to mention but gold is absolutely safe for your skin and body. So, if you worry that it might cause an allergy like silver, it’s not going to happen. 
We hope that you saw the benefits one can rip out of wearing these traditional metals. Moreover, if you like to purchase some for your collection, head to the Glamira website and choose gold or silver.

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