Since jewellery has been around since ancient times, there is not only history, but a lot of interesting facts surrounding it. 

So, in order to honour it accordingly, we will present to you some interesting and not commonly known facts.

If you know some, then feel free to share with us.

And without further ado, let’s get right into the facts.

  1. Do you know where gold comes from?

Originally, people believe that the precious metal comes from space! Can you believe it? Since the “Big Bang” happened, there was a meteor shower that brought the precious metal to Earth. And that happened 4.5 billions years ago. 

So, next time you get something gold, think of it as a little present from the outer world.

Moreover, other interesting facts about gold include that actually the 24 carat gold is so soft, that you can literally form it with your hands. Not exactly like a Play-doh, but in a similar fashion. 

That’s why you can usually see gold melted in with other metals for best durability. 

And while on the subject of gold, a cool fact about it is that the first little golden piece originates from Australia. Actually, it wasn’t little, since it weighed about 200 pounds.

Moreover, ancient Egyptians thought that gold is actually the flesh of Gods. Thus, you can usually see gold objects surrounding buried kings and queens. People think of it as holy, since it doesn’t lose its glimmer or quality with time.

  1. Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds

Even though diamonds can be seen in all shapes, sizes and colors, their quality is based upon their lack of colour. Moreover, the etymology of the word comes from the Greek “Adamas” which means indestructible. Not only are they indestructible, but also they are around 3 billion years old. A fun fact is that the first ever diamond came in the 4th century and its rarest type is IIA. And as we come from the rarest to the biggest one, right now has a place in the UK Crown Jewels. It’s 530 carats and it’s called “Star of David”.

And finally, the first diamond created in a lab was made in 1954. Now, man-made diamonds are a big market and they are seen as a threat.

  1. Etymology of the word “jewel”

Do you know what lies behind the word “jewel”? It comes from French and it means “toy”. So, the wealthy French thought of expensive jewellery as toys!

And what do you call the Christmas tree ornaments? Baubles, right? Well, way back in the past, people referred to jewellery as baubles, as well. In a similar way, baubles mean toys.

  1. Emeralds as big as a jar!

Emeralds are usually these tiny, bottle green stones that look stunning in all sorts of jewellery.

But did you know that the biggest emerald was turned into a jar in Vienna. The jar weighs 2,860 carats and it’s shape is uneven, so it can show off the gem´s qualities. Experts say that it was Emperor Ferdinand III´s jar for ointments.

  1. So little and so expensive

Platinum is the most expensive metal used for jewellery. So, the biggest quantity of platinum can fit into a normal living room. So, next time when you enter your living room, look around and picture little piles of platinum all stacked up.

Now ,that´s a room to be envied, for sure.

In short, jewellery is a very fascinating piece of history that lives with all of us. Moreover, think of jewellery you own and then trace back the process in your head. These wonderful stones and metals, all of them come from a place of effort, imagination, and the Earth itself.

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