Black diamonds are often thought of as cursed or stones that don’t belong to this planet. Furthermore, people love their mystic aura and magic that surrounds them which makes these diamonds very likeable. 

But, they are not that magical, as they come from the same place that transparent diamonds come from. It’s just the peculiar color that makes them special and outstanding from the others. Actually without the metal, the cut, and the polishing, they look like pure charcoal. Such a charcoal-like structure that contains smaller crystals.

1. Where can you find black diamonds?

Well, black diamonds might be part of space after all. As people believe that precious stones came from big stellar explosions, black diamonds have nitrogen and hydrogen which are compounds found in space. Moreover, these black beauties were probably the size of an asteroid back then.

And some words of precaution, some shops sell irradiated green diamonds that appear black. So, next time you’re purchasing the fancy stone, ask about its origin and technology. Essentially, colored diamonds can be tricky to discover if they are real.

2. They don’t hold actual diamond properties

Black diamonds don’t reflect light, but they rather absorb it because of their color. They are also harder to cut because of their unique polycrystalline structure. Such structure means that the little black crystals that make up diamonds have internal inclusions. 

And putting their structure aside, black diamonds are actually Scorpio’s stone. This zodiac has a name of being quite dramatic and mystic in a way.

3. Cursed perhaps?

As we mentioned before, black diamonds are considered bad luck and a cure in disguise. Furthermore, there are several diamonds well-known in history like the Black Orlov diamond. This stone is 67 carats and the legend goes that a monk stole it from an idol statue. Then, travelers got hold of the diamond and apparently they suffered great misfortune.

Another favourite “cursed diamond” story is the one of the “Eye of Brahma” which went around several people since 1932, and all of them jumped to their death.

However, the myths around black diamonds started to go away and now the luckiest Korloff Noir black diamond is in Dubai.

4. Men love them

As women love classic transparent diamonds, men love black ones. Many celebrities like Lance from NSYNC or Justin Bieber wear black diamond earrings or rings. 

We guess it’s because of their fierce look or their unique properties. Whatever it may be, they are increasingly becoming a hit.

So, we guess we learned something new today about one of the most interesting stones found on land.

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