We cannot think of any other stone that would be such a perfect fit for the hot July. With its fiery red color, ruby screams for warm summer nights. Rubies are one of the four main precious stones alongside diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. With its distinctive color and durability, ruby has been in demand for centuries. Now let’s take a closer look at this blazing stone!


Ruby takes its name from the Latin word “ruber” which means red. Throughout decades rubies meant many different things, from the “glowing stone” in Asian stories to the “king of precious stones” in Sanskrit. What gives rubies this vast popularity is that they can be obtained in many different countries such as Sri Lanka to the United States, Brazil to Nepal, Thailand to Australia. 

As for its gorgeous hue, the mineral chromium is the source of rubies’ red color. Rubies with a touch of blue are the most precious ones. When rubies have a brighter red color, they become more valuable. With their eye-catching red which also resembles blood, rubies have been associated with the power of love. 

Since ancient times, ruby has been a symbol of passion, vitality, courage, and joy in life. Rubies have been also popular among royalty and aristocracy as they are believed to bring good health, wisdom, and prosperity. Commonly, genuine rubies have flaws, this way you can decide whether they’re authentic or not. 

Ruby Jewelry

Like other gemstones, rubies have always been in high demand for jewelry. Ruby jewelry will make an absolute gift, especially for your partner. Rubies also will bring good luck in love, so if you are looking for an engagement ring or valentine’s gift, ruby jewelry would be an ultimate choice. Also, it is believed that if you wear ruby, it will protect you from conflicts and damaging thoughts. Rubies are also favored among celebrities, the best example would be Elizabeth Taylor’s famous ruby and diamond ring. After four years of searching,  “the perfect ruby” was gifted to her. 

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