How do you describe love? You can use the words of adoration, affection, compassion, desire, passion, romance. Right? But love is not just an emotion; it is an action, a constant effort. Love is necessary for survival as hunger, thirst, or sleep; and everyone perceives love differently. The Love / Luv / verb Collection refers to this difference, and it includes three themes: Pure, Every Color, and Fearless.

The Pure Selection

 Pure Love is a willingness to give with no thought of receiving. It’s simple and beautiful; it’s balanced and calm in action. As we created this collection, we were inspired by this pure love. Let’s take a look at our jewelry selection which takes its source from love’s romantic side with its minimalistic and clean lines. 

The Every Color Selection

As love cannot be limited to one single definition or form, we recognized no boundaries in designing this jewelry collection. Brilliant pieces of the “Every Color” theme are the reflection of countless emotions love encompasses. While creating the collection, our motivation was to appeal to couples with distinctive love journeys all around the world. Let the magical hues of our collection accompany you as you are exploring the layers of love. 

The Fearless Selection

Love is a strong emotion, and one has to be courageous to love and to be loved despite everything. The Fearless theme emphasizes that our language, race, or religion should not prevent us from living love to the fullest. On the contrary, love grows bigger and diversifies thanks to all the unique traits of individuals. We challenge you to be bold and start the change from your style with the Fearless theme’s clear-cut details and strong colors. 

The Concept of the Collection

Love / Luv / verb, the second collection of our “love” concept, will stick in your minds not only with eye-catching designs but also with its concepts behind. As there are many components of love; we wanted to cover “love” with three different selections in this collection. While the “Pure” selection focuses on the purity of love with white gold pieces adorned by diamond and pearl, “Every Color” emphasizes the magical hues of love with colorful gemstones. Finally, the pieces of the “Fearless” selection have edgy designs with bright details for those who act fearless and be bold in love.

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