Some people enjoy baking, painting or doing puzzles as a hobby, whilst others start crafting jewellery. And we are not talking exclusively about making professional jewellery pieces, but amateur rings and necklaces for relaxation purposes.

Either way, you might be a jewellery lover or you like using your hands for your hobbies. It doesn’t matter because even if you haven’t done this, you will fall in love madly right now.

What jewellery?

Firstly, before you put your tools and materials into action, you have to decide what kind of jewellery you’re opting for- it can be beads or a stamped metal ones. 

Of course, beaded jewellery is far easier to do then metal jewellery, simply because the materials are cheaper.

At the end of the day, for beaded jewellery you would probably need a pack of beads and some strings.

And when it comes to metal jewellery, there is a whole toolbox to use with instruments such as pliers and wire cutters. With time, your tool box will extend massively and you will start adding polishing, cutting tools, and files.

Tailor your tools to your level of expertise

Usually when people get tools online, they opt out for the biggest tool sets that they can find. But when they touch and feel the tools, they are far too complicated and usually the jewellery making hobby is done with.

A good tip is when you first start making amateur jewellery to go to the hobby shop and touch the tools. This way you will be familiar with what you’ll be working with. Another bonus to the hobby shop is that there are assistants there to help out beginners.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are certain phrases and words (lingo) that you should know. Of course, you can learn them with experience.

Make your own space

There is nothing more troublesome than having your arts and crafts thrown around the house. So, to make things easier, you can use a spare room of your house to place everything in order. 

Furthermore, you can get some cheap boxes and storage items to place your jewellery materials. Once everything is put together, you can start labeling it. 

And by doing all of this, you can be happy looking at your new hobby room. 

Pick up inspiration 

Before you start designing, you can look at some jewellery shops online and offline. Getting inspiration is fairly easy, since there are many examples to look at.

Also, you can view some tutorials on simple jewellery designs to start with. They can be easy hoop earrings or some geometrical shape necklaces.

To sum up, choosing new hobbies can be beneficial for your mental well-being. If something like jewellery making sounds frightening to you, then give it a go. 

We know how addictive jewellery can get and apart from buying quality-made ones, you can try making some for fun.

Still, if you are in the mood for investing in good pieces, then go to our website and choose from many.

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