This month’s star is green and lusty emerald! It is the birthstone of all May borns and also special to Taurus zodiac signs. If you’re looking for a special gift that you can design with your unique touches, continue reading and learn all about emeralds!

This breathtaking gem in antiquity was mined in Egypt, and now it is mainly mined in Colombia. Being a bluish-green to green variety of the mineral beryl, its famous color comes from the chromium and vanadium in its structure. Its color is so unique that when grading an emerald, the color takes priority.

Emerald was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone! The oldest emerald is 2.97 billion years old and throughout history, it created fascination in many cultures. It was considered the gem of royalty and romance. Its rich luster made it one of the most desirable and valuable colored stones.

The earliest reference to emeralds in Western literature comes from Aristotle. As for Ancient Egyptians, emerald stood for fertility and rebirth. In China, it was a lucky stone to be worn on Thursdays. Emerald was also believed to be an antidote for enchantments and spells. This magical stone was used as a symbol of love, devotion, and adoration. It adorned Russian crown jewels, prized and worn by royalty and celebrities. Alexander the Great, Henry II, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, and Duchess of Cambridge are some of many who chose emerald to adorn their jewelry.

In modern times, emeralds continued to be in high demand. Marlene Dietrich appeared in many of her movies with her dramatic huge cabochon emerald bracelets, while Elizabeth Taylor was another icon whom we remember with her dazzling emerald jewelry.

Being also a popular alternative for engagement rings, remarkable emerald rings were given to many celebrities as well. Its association with the Greek goddess Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, makes it extremely suitable symbolically as well. For a long time, it was prized as a stone that protects lovers. Keep in mind that emerald gemstone is also the traditional gift for 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries!

With its magnificent color, emerald is, in fact, 20 times rarer than diamonds. Another interesting fact about emeralds is that nearly all emeralds have inclusions. These inclusions are formed during the crystallization process and are viewed as a desirable feature. Known as “jardin” (a French word for garden), these inclusions are a characteristic trait of emeralds. If you find an emerald without inclusions, there is a high chance it’s synthetic. So, when purchasing an emerald look for those attractive patterns as well!

So, whether as a symbolic gift or a treat or to indulge your own self, don’t forget to check out our emerald jewelry. For each style, whether vintage or modern, and for each one of you, we offer vast options that will perfectly go with your unique sense of style. So, are you ready to customize splendid emerald jewelry?

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