We aspire to bring you excellent jewelry collections that correspond to your sophisticated taste. World-renowned footballer Mesut Özil collaborated with us to create one of our most exciting collections. Mesut Özil envisioned and created a collection that reflects himself alongside our expertise in the jewelry field. Let’s explore the details about this majestic collection!


 The initial inspiration for this collection was Mesut Özil’s outstanding career, his passion for the sport. After detailed research, many meetings, and Mesut Özil’s creative contributions, the first pool of ideas emerged. Our focus was to create jewelry pieces that reflect Özil while also people find something from themselves in the products. Although he had a busy schedule, Mesut Özil took part in the whole process and made valuable contributions.

As a brand, we offer a fully customizable experience to our customers. In his collection, Mesut Özil embraced this vision and created pieces that are suitable for customization. Firstly, together with Mesut Özil, we designed 140 possible products.  With Mesut Özil’s suggestions, the simplistic designs transformed into more elegant ones also, he added many more precious stones. After some consideration, the final collection has 50 jewelry pieces. Therefore, this collection is a mere reflection of utmost sportsmanship and innovative quality.


This collection has 50 jewelry pieces ranging from marvelous rings, charming necklaces, and cool bracelets that are all customizable. You can personalize the pieces by changing their gemstones, metals based on your preferences and style. Some of them also come with engraving options. You can engrave your loved ones’ names or any meaningful date on them. One of the most outstanding designs in the collection is called the Necklace Tate. This necklace has frames that you can put your pictures in. This necklace is created with a completely different jewelry-making technique. In addition, some pieces reflect Mesut Özil’s successful career so far. Lastly, if you are a Mesut Özil fan, your favorite piece would be Ring Boden which has Mesut Özil’s signature on it. Take your style to the next level with this unmatched collection!

If you want to discover more about this extraordinary collection, you can check out our website and watch the special video on YouTube. Breathtaking adornments by Mesut Özil and GLAMIRA. Dive into this collection to Reflect yourself!

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