We continue to reveal the deeper meanings and believed spiritual powers of gemstones. When you are creating your unique jewelry piece, keep in mind their hidden secrets as well! 


It is the stone of love and friendship! It’s believed to turn visions into reality. It is the traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift.  


Rare and beautiful tanzanite awakens expression and compassion while enlightening consciousness. It helps to speak the truth from the heart and to convey emotions into words. It is also the traditional  24th wedding anniversary gift. 


It’s believed to burn through attachments, wounds, and negative patterns. This semi-transparent stone is also the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.


Amethyst is the stone of protection, cleansing, and intuition. This stone is not only beautiful but also powerful and beneficial! It is the traditional gift for the 6th and 33rd anniversary! 


We have two different colors of tourmalines! The first one is pink tourmaline, and it is the stone of love and healing! This gentle stone gives the energy of confidence and kindness. It is the gemstone of the 5th wedding anniversary. On the other hand, green tourmaline is a stone for harmony, balance, wholeness, and physical vitality.


Peridot is the positive energy stone, and it carries the energy of the sun and happiness. With its extraterrestrial characteristics, it’s believed to bring the best version of your life. It is also the 16th wedding anniversary gift. 


It is the stone of Divine Feminine while links to compassion and peace. It is associated with water and harmony. It is the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary gift!


It is the stone of visions and willpower! Citrine is associated with dreams and activating your imagination. With its gorgeous sun-like color, it is the traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift. 


Topaz gemstone comes in many colors! Though they have different effects, they have similar properties. Topaz stones are associated with nobility, love, passion and purpose. 


With its delicate peach color, morganite is associated with divine love, turning grief into wisdom and emotionally nourishing. With its energy of love and peace, it is a popular choice for engagement rings.


Quartz is a master healer and a powerful stone. And, we have three different quartz options for you. Rose Quartz is a stone of love, and it is also the 2nd wedding anniversary gift. Smoky Quartz helps clear negative energy by grounding them with the Earth and getting your life in order by helping in practical matters. It is also the 70th wedding anniversary gift.  And lastly, we have Lemon Quartz. It will enhance your insight.


It is associated with benevolence, vitality, prosperity, and compassion. It is a stone that helps the person in discovering the beauty within and in others.

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