Minimalism has been a movement for quite some time now and people thoroughly enjoy the simplicity of it. Furthermore, such dainty jewellery helps building looks instead of one piece creating the entire outfit.

If you are not familiar with the philosophy of minimalism, then we’ll explain briefly. Minimalism focuses on the mantra “less is more” and this mantra goes for clothing, furniture, electronics, and everything else in life. However, it’s very interesting to see that philosophy within jewellery.

Additionally, simple jewellery can have layers for bolder party looks or for your work days.

Moreover, it’s not as expensive as other jewellery pieces that have multiple stones and various metals.

Our Glamira team has a few suggestions when it comes to simple and dainty jewellery that might help you out. 

For your favourite healthcare worker

In these lockdown times, healthcare professionals became the frontline warriors that nosedived into them. And while we were self-isolating at home, they risked their lives and the health of their families to cure us.

So, why not gift this simple white and yellow gold necklace with a small GLAMIRA Stethoscope Pendant Prosijara. 

It’s so important to show appreciation in these difficult times to those who matter.

So, why not incorporate it in a simple piece of jewellery?

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Dainty is wonderful 

Dainty jewellery is wonderful for all kinds of looks and every type of occasion. Wonderful as it is, it’s so easy to maintain and it can be worn with additional pieces to compliment it.

Especially the GLAMIRA Wing Pendant Prabanga with its rose and white gold chain and pendant, it carries an romantic aura around itself. It’s a big hit amongst our customers and we certainly love it.

It symbolizes freedom, happiness and it can incorporate a good mood to your every day.

Another similar piece that we love is the GLAMIRA Pendant Paqe  which represents a small silver branch. Again, it’s very dianty and easy to pair up with other chains, etc.

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Animal lovers

If you are an animal lover or you know one yourself, then this necklace is the perfect gift. Moreover, this GLAMIRA Pendant Zampa is a small white gold pendant with a little paw on top. It fits wonderfully with any type of dainty ring or bracelet from the same material. 

Also, you can get a similar pendant for your dog’s collar, so you can both match. It’s not geeky at all, but it’s actually really sweet.

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Geometrical jewellery

In the 1920s the geometrical shapes formed within the jewellery industry and with simplistic pieces, they stayed for a long time.

Our suggestions for geometrical necklaces are GLAMIRA Pendant Elidore and GLAMIRA Pendant Granica which sport two wonderful shapes.

Apart from the others, these two have layers on each other, but they use additional ones, of course. Again, we have white and yellow gold incorporated within the pieces and the Granica pendant mixed the two metals.

Impressive and simple is the way to go with simplistic designs. 

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Asymmetric shapes  

Asymmetric shapes in simple jewellery tend to really rock the runways in recent fashion shows. Such an asymmetrical necklace is GLAMIRA Pendant Elegantne which is made from yellow gold. The chain is also from the same metal and it will look elegant with a black dress or semi-formal attire.

Moreover, if you like wearing basics such as white or black tops, such a piece can mix up your entire look.

Try it out and you won’t fail.

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Is there a baby on the way?

If you have a baby on the way or someone you know does, then this is the perfect present for him/her.

GLAMIRA Pendant Noha is such a dainty necklace that can be used for a present for the child later on. On the other hand, it can be a gift for the mom, so she can carry her child symbolically wherever she goes. 

Both the pendant and the chain are made from yellow gold.

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And we reached the final dainty piece of jewellery from our suggestions. Moreover, don’t forget to check out our plain design jewellery collection for other products.

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