When we talk about marriage or engagement rings, the first thing we picture is a gold ring. Except some of us 🙂 What if we tell you there is an element more valuable than gold? Have you ever heard of the platinum? If you don’t even know its existence, it’s probably because it’s very rare and not everyone has it. Have you ever wondered where the definition of ‘Platinum class’ comes from? It could be from its privilege, couldn’t it? Therefore, the jewelry made of platinum, especially platinum rings, are VIP members of the jewelry world. Platinum, which was the first choice of even kings and queens, is famous for being very durable and robust. Platinum is also is rarer and heavier than gold. Its density, purity and rare occurrence are the properties that make platinum special. Its satin brilliance and soft light tones give it a natural charm. If you are looking for a wedding ring that will be durable for many years, platinum wedding rings should definitely be your first choice. If you still have questions like what platinum exactly is or in which accessories it can be used, we answer them below…

Surprisingly, although the platinum has a wide range of uses, its production isn’t very common. That’s because of its rarity. However, that makes it even more valuable. Its color is silver and whitish. It’s highly resistant to corrosion and harmful chemicals, and also resists high temperatures. Therefore, platinum does not rub off easily. Now, let us ask: According to this, what should be the first choice of those who prefer robustness in jewelry? Now you know the answer.

The most commonly used jewelry in daily life is without a doubt wedding rings. We don’t take them off while we sleep, take a shower or exercise. Moreover, we don’t want to give a wrong message to our spouse by removing it. Therefore, it’s very suitable to use platinum in wedding rings. So, why don’t we give this privilege to our other jewelry and extend their life as well? Keep in mind that the popularity of other jewelry like platinum necklaces, platinum earringsplatinum braceletsplatinum brooches, platinum anklets, platinum cufflinks, platinum nose pins, and platinum piercings is continuously increasing. Furthermore, you can choose any type, color, cut and clarity of stone or choose even the metal type for your personal taste and customize your own jewelry with GLAMIRA. If you want to see how platinum looks in different styles, you can take a look at these models of GLAMIRA:

These platinum rings will give you the upper hand. 

Platinium Sapphire RingPlatinium Diamond Ring Platinium Diamond Ring

With these platinum earrings, the attention will never leave you.

Sapphire Platinum EarringsPlatinium Earrings Diamond Platinium Earrings

Never have to prove your elegance with these platinum cufflinks.

Platinium Cufflinks Platinium Cufflinks Platinium Cufflinks

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