For all movie maniacs and not only, it’s obvious that jewellery plays a big role in some movies. It becomes iconic thanks to a certain actress or a memorable scene. Thus, it cements itself in history for generations to come.

In this article, we will introduce most of the iconic jewellery pieces in movie history. Of course, those precious stones and metals would have been just that, if it wasn’t for the talents of filmmakers.

In order to stop talking about how legendary movies are, we will skip to the part we know best- jewellery.

The ring with a capital “R”

J.R.R Tolkien brought to the screens a movie that became legendary in 2001. Furthermore, “The Lord of the Rings” blew away every fantasy film ever made and turned a ring into a main character. 

The 18-carat golden ring was born in New Zealand under the talented hands of the Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith company.

Of course, the original ring was produced again and again around 15 times during the movies. 

If you don’t know how this ring is special, the plot explains that the One Ring symbolizes greed. So, the only way to destroy its evilness is to dump it into Mount Doom volcano, which is its birthplace.

In short, it’s a lovely series of movies and the books are fantastic, as well.

A necklace made famous from tragedy

Foremost, we are talking about the movie “Titanic” that portrays a real great loss and tragedy for many families. However, one jewellery came out of this as a survival and shines brighter than ever before.

“The Heart of the Ocean” necklace symbolizes hope, love, and tragedy. Furthermore, the one in the movie contains a cubic zirconium with a white gold halo setting. However, the actual one contains sapphire and diamonds. The sapphire values 170 karats and the diamonds were 103 in total.

As we mentioned, the real story behind the necklace goes back to two people named Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley. Both of them met in the second class of “Titanic” and he gifted her the necklace. Unfortunately, when tragedy struck, he didn’t make it but she did. 

However, there was a lot of drama around her. Firstly, she got pregnant from him, but never got to prove that he is the father. Later on ,her daughter Ellen sold “The Heart of the Ocean” due to financial shortage.

A Holly Golightly classic

In 1961 the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” movie made Aundrey Hepburn’s star shine even brighter. However, there was something on set that shone even more than her, and that was her diamonds and pearl necklace. And even though it wasn’t supposed to become a staple piece, it did. 

Certainly, it paired perfectly with her black dress, gloves, and stylish cigarette holder. She broke hearts over and over again in and off screen, so jewellers everywhere started making replicas of the necklace.

As you might guess, the piece was “Tiffany’s”, so we can talk about a very subtle advertisement at the time. 

Hunger Games 

We figured it would be nice to include a modern example of famous jewellery in the mix, so “Hunger Games” can be classified as one.

If you have ever seen the movies, you might remember a mockingjay bird pin that was everywhere. 

Furthermore, the pin was presented as a symbol of Katniss Everdeen’s courage and will to fight.

Moreover, the original pin was a sterling silver complimented with a gold plating valued at 22 karats.

In short, you might think that it’s an insignificant example, but something so tiny carries a powerful message to young people. In addition, it’s brilliant when jewellery sends positivity with its beauty.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes….or expensive diamond necklaces?

Again, going back in time to a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and an ancient yellow canary diamond necklace valued at 24 karats. Furthermore, this “Moon of Baroda” necklace lands in Hollywood all the way from India, and on the neck of Marilyn.

So, as she was singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, the whole world watched silently and devoured her jewellery in awe.

Maybe, not only gentlemen prefer blondes but also those with expensive taste.

Gone with The Wind Brooch

On number 4 we mentioned a pin that became iconic, but back in time a brooch turned into a star. In addition, the 1938 adaptation of “Gone with The Wind” starring Scarlet O’ Hara showed a very oversized brooch in her mourning scene.

The brooch was an oval one with a human figure riding a bird, all of it framed in gold.

An interesting fact is that it was property of the movie designer’s mom.

If you don’t remember it, go and check it out.
Now, it’s time to stop and let you go through the photos of these jewellery pieces, and if you need a new one for your collection, the GLAMIRA website has a ton of options.

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